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Pyracantha! Lovely berries but a nightmare to prune and the flowers give me hay-fever! I quite agree with the dislike of salmon geraniums - YUK! Double daffodils - WHY???? Carex pendula - really attractive until you realise it has self-seeded and taken over your entire garden! But Ground Elder is my No.1 most hated, I eventually gave up and moved house!! I love orchids of all kinds, roses, sweet peas, honeysuckle, ferns, jungly plants, carnivorous plants, even humble daisies.
I hate all deciduous trees.We are having extreme problems trying to keep leaves out of our garden. After the heavy winds we seem to be filling bag after bag of leaves. Can anyone suggest a sensible solution. I tend to despise leave blowers but I may have no other option to get my garden looking the way it should. Great blog by the way. My wife and I very much enjoy reading it.
I HATE roses. In fact I hate ANY plant with thorns. I can guarantee to get a thorn under a nail anytime I am working near them AND why do thorns never decompose in my compost!!!!!
I think you are a bit old fashioned on the bedding - ever been to Great Dixter? - and some places do municipal bedding really well and imaginatively, in no way related to the kind of paintbox affair you are talking about. Hate -Hypericum. There must be good forms, but that ubiquitous rusty looking thing...
I don't really hate any plants, after all what is a weed, just a plant in the wrong place. I just dislike all the slimy creatures that get to eat what I should be eating. I would not mind if just a little was eaten. It's a pity we cannot mark those designated for the slimy horrors.


Some might think I´m crazy - but I love Dandelions! They are like little suns in my lawn... But one plant I would never put in my garden is Hibiscus! They look so artificial to me.
In answer to Paul's comment about leaf blowers. My favoutite way of removing leaves from the lawn is to set the blade/s on the mower as high as possible and just 'hoover' them up. Getting more use out of the mower and no need to buy and store another machine.
Pet hate is Kniphofia, a.k.a. Red Hot Poker, such a stodgy and unattractive plant, even at its best it looks as though it's made out of plastic. Not fond of 'spotty' plants either like Laurel and most of the Pulmonarias.
If you garden long enough you find your loves and hates change. I couldn't stand vegetables, orange flowers, annuals, heathers, dahlias and chrysanthumums. Now I grow them and look for new ones. Interesting to note how things go in and out of fashion! Glad we are all different or gardens wouldn't be so interesting to visit.
I hate crocosmia - the weedy orange-flowered kind. They've taken over our garden, their corms corkscrewing through even the worst clay and gravel, obliterating everything in their path. I wouldn't even hate them less if they didn't flop over in the wind and rain to smother the ground with a solid layer of foliage. I hate them even more than ivy.
I dislike hostas, because they were "the must have plant" just expensive slug grub as far as i am concerned
I love all the plants that you all hate., The only one I would eradicate TOTALLY is Bindweed!


Wild garlic, bindweed, ground elder and yellow daffodils, these are my most hated plants, I can live with everything else, as you get older your taste changes, I used to detest wallflowers now I like them, and how can you hate roses for heavens sake?
I hate brambles of every discription. You dig them out and back they come. Ivy,bindweed and Pyracanthus are my idea of gardening hell.
I used to like antirrhinums until I moved here where they grow like weeds! Dislike wallflowers - too straggly, chrysanthemums - more straggly except they do provide autumn colour and I used to dislike dahlias until I bought some with black leaves and stems and beautiful yellow flowers. Most other things I like but why can't roses come on prettier plants - love the flowers, hate the rest of them!
Second attempt! (I'm not much go9od at weeding either), which is why I hate Ground Elder. It's so invasive, and I don't like theway the thorny tentacle thingies crawl along the ground and trip people up. Now tht's just plain man......