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I dont know whether this is the same bug that is inhabiting my rhubarb plants, but I live in Middlesex and I have many many of these bugs, (only ever seen them on my rhubarb).

They look exactly like these bugs in the photograph. If they aren't these then can someone let me know what they might be and are they or will they do any damage to my plants.

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Rhubarb would be an odd choice for this fruit-feeder. They are probably the brown shieldbug, Coreus marginatus, which sits about on leaves sunning itself. I've never heard of them being frequent enough to cause any problems in the garden.


I have a very straggly honeysuckle on an arch and the leaves constantly fall off and there are very few flowers. How can I improve the growth next year without the leaves all falling off
Reply to Eveline. If you have this bug on your box, I would not worry. It is not the type of insect to wreak serious damage on your plants.
That's a remarkable and heart warming account of how our bug life, any natural life, I suppose can adapt to changing circumstances. Perhaps we can learn something that will help other rapidly vanishing species, I do hope so:)Thanks so much for the info as I am another bug lover!

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