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Hi Could you tell me about the after-care for these acers, specifically how to manage a tree that has reached the pot boundaries, but I do not wish to increase the size of the pot it sits in. I have heard that during the acer's dormant period, I can lift the tree and cut back it's roots, is this true? Thanks Harry
hi, could you please tell me how to get rid of moles, ive even got mole hills on top of one another, they are destroying my lawn. I live in the countryside in aberdeenshire,I have 3 acres, mainly trees and grass, am I beyond help,
I have an acer in a pot, it is about 3-4ft high, would it be possible to transfer it back into the soil and if so when would be the best time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Please can someone tell me when to prune dead branches from an Acer Palmatum. It is quite a large tree but keeps dying back on one side. I really need to remove them now to enjoy the tree over the spring and summer but don't want to loose it. Will it kill the tree if I carefully cut off just the dead branches now? Aceraddict.
Hi I have a white almost fungal growth on the bark of my acer. The plant does not seem to be affected - iti is over 20 years old. Any assistance much appreciated on what the problem is and how to get rid of it


Have just bought an ACER and the card states to prune in thesummer ! hmmm
why cant we see the answers given to these questions ?
How about if it's a well established acer.
I have a young acer in a rockery which is south facing. new growth is vigorous but some of the top leaves are shrivelling. Would this be due to the recent April frost and cool weather we are experiencing. I live on the edge of the Peal district
Alina W

The shrivelled leaves might be due to frost, or to strong winds. As long as only a few leaves shrivel it will recover.

Would it be alright to plant an acer, where it gets sun for half a day, but it would be when the suns at its hottest. JB.
Alina W

Depends on the acer, but probably not. They normally grow in the shade of trees, and subjecting it to the hottest sunshine is likely to burn the fine leaves.

I've got an acer in a pot, which last night I noticed the leaves have all wilted, there's no sign of insects or mould, but near dead leaves, could the wind have caused this and can I do anything about it
Alina W

If the wind was very strong, yes. There's nothing you can do other than wait for it to produce fresh leaves, which it should do if it's mature.

However, it's also worth checking that there are no vine weevil in the pot - they can also produce a sudden collapse.


We have over 30 Acers all in pots. We use terracotta and ericaceous compost. We have found the best variety for full sun without burning (our garden is south facing) is Acer 'Bloodgood'. Also, an answer to 'Goodmane', Acers can be subject to Verticillium wilt, which is soil borne and will cause collapse of what has previously been a healthy plant.


I rcently removed my Acer from a pot and planted it in the soil. This year the leaves seem to be shrivelling up, dry and crumbly. Is this a lack of water?
will it harm the plant if i pot it up now, or should i leave it in the garden centre pot until the autumn? will it be ok in the shade of an apple tree but on the south facing side of the garden? Any tips grs eatfully received. Thanks
Alina W

It will be much happier in a bigger pot, so yes, transplant it.

A shady position sounds ideal; just make sure that it doesn't get the sun at midday and obviously, keep it damp.

I grow my Acer in a pot and it's about three years old.over the past few weedks, the leaves seem to be wilting and the plant looks as if it is on its last legs, please can you tell me if there is anything I can do to save it? thanks Trish

We have an acer in a large pot. It lost most of its leaves in winter but came back strong until a couple of weeks ago when all the top leaves shrivelled up. Its in a reasonable shady position and the soild seems moist, even wet after all the rain. It now looks very sad. Any ideas what is wrong and what we can do to save it?