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I have an oleander, and when buds appear they tend to shrivel up and never revert to flowers. The leaves tend to go brown and drop. Can anyone advise?

Bumping up the list.


I think your thread title is misleading Richard. I see you've had lots of views but no help. I haven't a clue about oleanders so can't help there. This is not reversion. Reversion is when a fancy cultivated plant reverts (ie goes back) to its original form.

Try a title like 'Buds and leaves shrivelling on oleander' you may get more help

Just on the question pruning and cutting back shrubs at this time. I have a number of clematis one flowered and is finished, and the other is flowering now. When should I prune?

Bella - like Richard it would be best to start a new thread for your query as people won't look here  if the thread title is not  of interest and will not see your question.

That said, it depends on the type of clematis you have. Some need no pruning while the bulk of them are done in late winter or spring. Do you know what varieties you have? Same applies with shrubs - many are pruned after flowering and others need pruning in late winter and  so on. 

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