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Which are the best outdoor tomatos to grow Regards Nimrod

within 2 days the leaves of my 2 very large plants have turned black,shrivelled and drooped. They have been healthy for the past 12-15 years.  The leaves are that shrivelled they look dead. Any ideas what this may be.

I have a very old victorian rhododendron garden which now appears to have a few trees that are spotted and are looking in general poor condition what should I do and can I treat rather than remove these trees as some are over 100 years old and I do not want to damage the appearance of the garden. Please advise.
Please tell me what is the cause and what is the cure, thank you

But fragmented this thread.  

Patsey, what sort of leaf spot do you have?  Are leaves shrivelling and curling like cigars and dropping?  

are your plants in pots?  Is compost very wet? 

Bear in mind right now many plants have leaf spots and markings.  Chilly nights, hot sun all sorts of physiological reasons that often resolve themselves as season progresses 

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