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Where can I buy seeds or plants ?
I have seven already , must get the other three: angelica , caraway and fennel.
I'm including a herb garden into my new plot and will take this info onboard. Don't think I'll grow the nettles deliberately. Will certainly try angelica, caraway and fennel. thanks
chive flowers are also apparently very good as well

be careful with the fennel, it can self-seed all over the place and become a bit of a thug



On the other hand, you can grow Florence or bulb fennel which you eat as a crop before it seeds but it still can provide a home for swallow tail butterflies to lay their eggs.  The caterpillars are very civilised and only eat the foliage fronds and they're rather gorgeous too.  I grow fennel every year after having these turn up just the once about 5 years ago.  Live in hope, I say. 

We like fresh fennel in salads and baked with goat's cheese and pine kernel or roast with Mediterranean veggies so waiting for caterpillars is no hardship.

I woh the varying heights and spreads and whgo about this wituld like to plant a herb do I go about this with he varying heights and spreads of the different plants?
Also where would I buy good quality seed for all the above mentioned plant types?
Thank you xx

I've got fennel and yes it sefl-seeds but they're easy to spot and remove before they get too big and they look gorgeous in winter with the frost on.  Do like the idea of  the bulb version for swallow tails tho

I'm growing nettles too. No I haven't gone mad - they've got quite shallow roots which run so to counter that I'm planting a clump in a buried container as you would mint.  They've been in a container that's no more than 10" deep since last August and they've made a lovely stand already so it's working.

I'm just desperate to get mor beutterflies in the garden so I'll try anything!

WIll go for the angelica sage and maybe the valerian this year

Winter savory is good for bees.  Mine are covered in them when it's in flower, which is most of the summer. 

I use the herb when cooking beans and peas.  [anti flatulance]

Thyme, visited by bees galore, ditto rosemary, marjoram - many types of which run wild here, we love it just to smell in the sun, and the flowers of some of them are so lovely - the bees think so too!
I grow many of these already both at home and on the allotment. I often enjoy watching bees visit lavender.

I had a few different types of bee's in the garden last year, hadn't realised there was a variety which visit, it made me re-think which flowers to grow, so many flowers are grown which bee's can't get nectar from.


I bought a packet of 8 varieties of herbs from the poundland shop, in it there is Parsley, Basil, Chives, Mint, Dill, Thyme, Marjoram and Garlic Chives

Grew Marjoram last summer and when it flowered it was covered in bees ! :)

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