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i have a plant i dont realy now wat to do with i just keepcutting it down a few inches it a plant that as lovely pink leave at the top but graduly work its way of to green again it does look nice wen its pink i dont no wat its called or eny thing could u give me some tips thank u
Having now found the time to spend more time in the garden I find this site a great help to me. The scrap book is a wonderful garden tool on it's own. Joe. Warks. UK.
I have found that roses planted in tubs containers etc,benefit from having pebbles,stones placed on top of the soil to help prevent blackspot and rust does work exceedingly well against these deseases,any falling infected leaves cannot reach the soil top then,try it!
I found this article very interesting as I,m new to gardening and especially as i have a great fondness for roses. I,m planning on turning my small front garden into a rose garden, and need suggestions on plants that would make great companions for planting beside my roses as i,m not keen on seeing bare soil and want to add some deph and colour to my garden. Any suggestions?
I'm new to gardending so thank you for this tip.


I too, have great difficulty with blackspot on my roses. Might I add I'm new to gardening as my husband always did the gardening but he is not in a fit state now and would love to see his roses doing well but I am puzzled as to what to do about blackspot on most of our roses but one in particular is almost bare of leaves with blackspot. what chemical should I use and is it ever possible to rid the roses of it. Please advise.
I have two roses in tubs and I have been havin trouble with black spot I will put a layer of gravel over the compost as suggested thanks as i never thought of doin that THANKYOU
My roses have always had black spot whether in ground or in tubs must be the area. BUT this year i am determined to beat it after spraying with no results. I am now cutting all leaves with any kind of desease off. Cutting all branches to the ground after flowering. Hope this works. karen
As a mulch as you suggest I take it that a thick layer of Cocoa Shell would also be beneficial and also be good for the soil over the years ? Mal
Some of my roses do not grow well, one is Zepherine Drouhin which I know could be a problem and the other is one I have taken as a cutting. Leaves small and are a amber/red colour. I feed and mulch all the roses but I,m wondering if its a nutrient deficiency, but what?. I,ve even been to the beach recently and collected sea weed in the hope that this year something wonderful will happen, but checking the young growth today it doesn`t look promising. Last year I fed with liquid seaweed and they did appear to perk up for a bit, but then deteriated again.
With what fungicide should I spray with to eradicate black spot on roses
What fungicide should I use to treat my roses (Floribunda) which are still blooming but are showing signs of Rose blackspot??????

Malirechen--cocoa shell is extremely toxic to animals, particularly dogs. Please don't use it.



I use Rose Clear, as soon as possible in the year, when the roses are coming into leaf, you need to spray several time during the season, full instructions are on the bottle. Also be very vigilant clearing up all leaves that drop. It will help but some roses are more prone than others to blackspot. I don't like using chemicals but in some case I just have to or else my roses would just have bare stems.

Alina W

Roseclear is a good product but it doesn't cure blackspot, it only holds it back. As already said, it does need spraying regularly from the time that the leaves emerge for maximum effect - one or two sprays will do nothing.

Pruning - have a close look at the stems of roses now and cut out any black stains that you see on them - this is the infection waiting to move in next year. Unless you see stains there is no point to pruning roses down to the ground, it won't help. Instead, you should concentrate on removing all fallen leaves, and a good mulch also helps.


Sheila3, roses are very hungry feeders. The fact that the roses were better for a short time after feeding suggests that they need a lot more food and are very hungry.



Probably closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, but try to plant disease resistant roses. We visited Rosemoor NHS Garden in June and the rose expert there said he doesn't plant roses that are prone to disease and that some are far more disease resistant than others. The roses there were fantastic.

will soapy water work
When is best time of day to give fungicide spray?
Plus large main stem is black - best to cut to ground level?

I really love my roses and some of them have been given to me for special occassions, so I really take care of them.

Firstly, buy a quality plant, pick a plant with 4/5 stems and the plant itself should be below the surface if you see the crown-don't buy it. Look to see if its pot bound, I'm a big believer that plants will suffer from stress, maybe a lil out there but....

For plants in containers-Firstly a covering of crocs, then I us a mixure of garden compost and horse manure with a little blood, fish and bone meal and mix it. Plant making sure the crown isn't visable then (if you have them) put either big stones or whatever you have-so that the roots will be covered. Roses seem to prefer cool roots. Then mulch-gravel, wood chippings etc. Keep dead heading.

For pruning I keep it simple, I do mine in Spring, just look for a bud thats pointing outwards away from the plant, using your secs cut the stem so that it slants  away from you-thats so the water can run off. Mulch and a bit of BF&B-sit back and enjoy (hopefully). I hope thats of some help. Oh! stay way from the vintage gardening books-we do things alot differently now

ok, have only been cutting the affected leaves, but now will cut the stems.Thanks for that.