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I have most of these plants but find that they dont self seed very easily in my shady acid soil garden. My friend who has a sunny garden with wonderful crumbly soil is always pulling out seedlings which threaten to over-run her garden. I suppose its the old story - if you have curly hair you want it straight...
I love all the above plants and would welcome them to self seed, they don't very often in my garden unless they are a weed.
i have most of the plants but the grass i don't have i will get it next garden centre visit my verbena disappeared so it obviously didn't self seed for me! will try it again and hope for better luck next time. i think the new gardeners world is great have always been a fan of toby so welcome his humour and carols enthusiasm is catching love it all and wish monty well too
I found this feature useful because in these credit crunch years its difficult to keep buying plants. I dont mind if plants start taking over as i can always dig them up and share them with nieghbours and friends.
Some self seeders become a pest in my garden, but one can learn to live with them. Even when you think every forget me not is out, one will always escape.


Handy tip, by marking the best of my aquelegias with a red thread, only those are allowed to set seed. Over the past 20 years the washed out plain pinks have diminished and the the various plums, near black, purples, and violet shades have started to dominate. The flowers range from the very double 'Nora barlow type, through semi double, very small flower heads and large open faced ones. This year has been an absolute delight. I just wish the flowering season was not so short.
I would like to know which annuals are worth collecting seeds from. I always collect nasturtium seeds that i regrow the next year but what other annuals are successful at regrowth. thanks
I don't mind self seeders,better than looking at bare soil and weeds. Thanks to Carol my cold frame and greenbouse are chocobloc with plants raised from collected seed and cuttings which I will share with family/friends and hopefully gets some swaps, this gardening year is getting better and better. I have sown Verbena Bonariensis from seed, its very slow, has anyone got any tips for getting it going? I think Monty/Carol are great but I liked Toby too.

I was surprised not to see Cerinthe on this list. It appeared in my garden about 5 years ago, decided it liked it, and stayed. It's been in flower for a few weeks now, in the sunny front garden border it colonised,  and has given me several lovely arrangements for the house.  Disappointingly,  it wouldn't germinate for friends I donated seed to. 

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