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Slugs are a nightmare in my garden, and last year I was given loads of petunias - apparently total slug magnets, as few survived to give me a couple of flowers before succumbing to the slugs' voracious appetites. I have tried copper rings, sticky slug repellent, beer traps and none have been particularly successful. I won't use pellets as I have two young children, and a pond is out for the same reason. Guess there are some things I will never get to grow! Sigh.... I dream of Hostas....!!!
i have been after plants that are slug prove thank you for the article mmatthews
could someone please tell me why i have the only astrantias in the world that get eaten by slugs and snails - they appear on all the lists of plants they don't like which is why i bought them in the first place but every year they get eaten to the ground - any explanations?
I found this item really good and wanted to keep it in my scrap book but no matter how I tried I couldn't incorperate this or the bumble bee artical into scrap book. one miniut it allowed me in then it wouldn't. I have used scap book before and worked the system OK! I am now tearing my hair out, has any one else suffered at the hands of scapbook?
sounds great i will definately plant some of these in my newly aquired allotment.


I have a few of these plants but will some more any day soon. Thank's for a great magazine.
found this really interesting. just a warning about astrantias. make sure you protect the young growth as slugs find them very yummy when the new growth is just emerging!
Artemisia (wormwood) is also recognised as a plant to deter slugs. My mature plant seems to work but the slugs devoured a young one as quickly as any hosta! My conclusion from this is that slugs do not discriminate if plants are young and tasty! Last year, I discovered a congregation of slugs under one of my planters. I moved the planter and the blackbirds and thrushes soon moved down to the exposed slugs.
This is great to know but if, like me, you aren't happy sticking to slug-free planting, then Nemaslug is worth the £10! I used it for the first time last summer and didn't have any slugs or snails in my veg/flower gardens. Just add the powder to your watering can and water it in. It lasts for 6 weeks and doesn't harm any wildlife (except slugs and snails!). Even if I lost track of the weeks, I could tell when the sixth week arrived because the munching signs started again on my plants.
I've never seen any slug damage on my bergenias and they make a lovely early show in the spring. I've had snail damage on the leaves of tulips but all other bulbs. especially alliums seem to be immune. To get a sure-fire spectacular display of flowers why not try small shrubs eg. hebes. just grow them large enough to be inedible to a snail first in a pot.
My mother uses old coffee grounds around her hostas and it works brilliantly at keeping slugs away. I think they find it hard to slide across the grains. I've had partial success using them on my young basil plants but that may be because I've not been methodical enough in applying them regularly.
I grow quite a lot of the plants above plus bergenias, creeping jenny, verbena bonariensis and they seem ok once well grown.
Loved this AND all the comments, HATE slugs and there's always an abundance of them but not of the flowers and follage. I take GREAT pleasure of putting on my wellies after it has rained and stomp all over the tufts of grass and smile to myself when I hear all the scrunching beneath my feet!!
I have found it useful but I am struggling with my Astrantia, the slugs keep munching on it, the little devils.


excellent. will try the nemaslug on our lettuce and my new plot.
I find it very satisfying to go out at night with a bowl of hot salty water and a torch.....
it rained couple of nights ago and i couldnt believe the amount of slugs tracking across the garden. i know they are in my compost bin, i dont mind them there, i put salt directly on the slugs on that occasion but it was a horrendous sight to view - i thought the birds would enjoy. its cheaper to buy the standard salt than it is to use slug pellets which i found did very little.
im growing my first batch ever of strawberries as well as tomatoes, outside !! we put salt all about, like a barrier, but i know the slugs got in the soil itself. im very interested to learn lavender may help so im off to put sprigs and cuttings of lavender about to help deter. the slugs decimated so much that i had put in new this year. i tried seaweed with the hostas but no, the slugs still munch thro
I planted 2 different Astrantia and both have been eaten to the ground by slugs or snails. However, the sedum and Japanese Anemones planted in the same bed remain untouched as do the Phlox Paniculata.