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We had a pond excavated last year with a large waterfall and today we saw a snake basking in the sun on one of the rocks. It slithered off into the hole where the pond pump is situated and I was rather alarmed at first as i have been bitten twice by an adder in our grounds but after looking up adders on the internet realised it was in fact a grass snake, so we are one of the 25 people who have a grass snake near their pond, aren't we lucky!!
Last year I was bitten on my foot whilst dead heading a climbing rose. My feet were underneath a clump of day lilies. I felt the stabing pain, stepped back onto the path and rubbed my foot and could see two puncture marks side by side about a centimetre apart. I wasn;t sure if a spider had bitten me but a friend who keeps pet snakes asured me it was a snake bite. I didn't see anything and although it was near our pond I haven't seen anything since.
Ugh! Snakes! I hate them! We have a half-barrel pond with four fish in which is sat on our patio. It's only a small pond. Can anyone tell me are we likely to get a grass snake in there? If so my partner can feed the fish in future!!
Saw a grass snake in our small pond last week. He was only about as thick as my finger and about 14" long. He was in and out for a few days (probably eating the tadpoles), but I haven't seen him lately. I felt quite priviledged !!!
We have a very small pond that for several years has teemed with frogs until a couple of years ago when we spotted a very large grass snake sunning himself beside the pond - there are now no frogs to eat the slugs and we have not seen the grass snake again either!


We found a beautiful 20" long grass snake this week caught in a piece of plastic netting which was over our strawberries. A neighbour worked for 15 minutes to carefully cut it free and it slithered away towards our 4 compost heaps where it is probably living. I have a pond but lost all my goldfish, someone said it could have been the grass snake, could that be true?
You are quite welcome to the grass snakes! Since we had grass snakes appear in our very small pond, all our frogs have either been eaten or done a runner. I prefer the frogs!!
I found a 5-6 ft long grass snake going along one of my 8 by 4ft compost bins and into a hole in the next one. My local wildlife trust told me it was a full size grass snake and it may have laid eggs in the compost.I did not empty the compost bin for the next 3 months incase it had young in it. I do have a largish pond but have never seen a grass snake near it and the pond is full of frogs and toads.
we have a couple of grass snakes that are seen frequently swimming around in our ponds and moat, great to watch, albeit wife and son keep well away!!!
I have had a grass snake in my garden for the last 2/3 years, no pond, but a very soggy border, but that's not where it hangs out! Under a tub in the drier part of the garden is where it prefers to be. Unfortunately a local cat killed one 2 years ago, by biting off its' head.
Had a large grass snake basking half in half out of my smallish pond a couple of years back - didn't attempt the larger pond which we keep netted. He was a frequent visitor and became George the grass snake. Unfortunately we lost a lot of frogs so he had to go. This was easily achieved by clearing the undergrowth from the area around the pond and holding a Garden Party for 30 plus people. Snakes like cover and do not like noise! George went as silently as he arrived. Reminder to self - must clear area around pond.
I'm absolutely petrified at the thought of a grass snake in my garden.If 1 arrived who would I contact for help?Ruth
Reply to Ruth No need to call for help. Just walking about will frighten it away. Your local wildlife trust would, I'm sure, be pleased to know another locality for this handsome creature if ever it came your way. Update on the garter snake It seems quite happy. It's been eating its pinkies (dead newborn mice available from any good pet store) and had shed its skin. Its growing.
If you've seen a grass snake in your pond you might like to complete Pond Conservation's Big Pond Dip survey - we're trying to find out more about the wildlife that lives in garden ponds. Go to: and follow the links. Jeremy Biggs (Pond Conservation)
the snakes in your picture are not grass snakes.could be misleading.they have a very similer nature ie eat small fish,frogs etc and hybernate .these are garter snakes you have shown they even grow about the same size but grass snakes they are not regards mr l shelton


Before I make comment I have just read the above note No. 16 - over the week end I was confronted by a snake in my pond with what was left of a frog in its mouth - I thought it was a grass snake with the yellow flash just behind its head.. I have a good mixture of wild space in the garden along with lots of flowers and borders - have a fantastic range of animals and bugs. Budlier is covered in Butterflies and the lady bugs find the spent flowers a cozy home. I am unable to trim the dead flowers. Could someone advise me as to the best time for cleaning out the pond of spent leaves etc., without damaging the wildlife and larve within the goo. Happy Gardening all.
Yesterday we discovered an adder in our garden which had got caught up in the nets over our cabbages and had died. We're now quite worried that there are others, particularly as we have a toddler running around the garden. Any top tips?
Reply to Alison children are very unlikely to ever see snakes because they thunder about so much. The adders are likely to be long gone before your toddler ever gets close. As someone who has actively looked for wild reptiles during ecological surveys I can say that it is extremely difficult to ever get a hold of one.
I have loads of grass snakes in my garden and they freak me out! I live near the city and have a snake phobia. I would love to have a snake free garden - I have to pay for gardeners as I get so nervous weeding.. How can I tempt them to move away? There is no way I would have a pond - they lie around my neighbours on the warm stones.
Reply to Jenniferms Sorry to hear you don't like snakes. You probably cannot tempt the snakes to move away, but if you move heavily around the garden, they will feel the vibrations and get out of your way as quickly as they can. They are really very timid creatures.