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Great story:)

I have made the most of my wee city garden and have planted strawberries too. My only pests are insects and birds, I would love squirrels in my garden to look at:) You should reduce the numbers of grey squirrels by eating them:)lol.. I saw it in the TV programme "The Wild Gourmets" it should help us increase the number of Red squirrels too..

Haw, please don'€™t blame the poor squirrels, they may have taken a few of them but I think if your plants were totally stripped off all fruit that was ready to eat, then I think it was probably young kids who had nothing better to do and they just looked to inviting. These ignorant youths don't care who worked hard a long side there families to enjoy the fruits of there labour and they don't care about the children they are going to hurt, they have no respect at all and this stems from how they are brought up.
Looking out of my kitchen window I was confused as to why the plum tree was shaking! Whoa and behold it was a squirrel stealing the plums.


Squirrels are the raiders of many fruits I watched one taking a bite out of each apple on the tree rendering them all useless little beasts. my Daughter planted lovely lilys only to catch a squirel running off with it, is nothing safe. Kay
Hmmm... I think its more likely to be squirrels than kids. I'm fed up with young people getting the blame for everything. Yes squirrel is delicious and very nutritious :-)
My garden was plagued with squirrels last year. As fast as I put out bird food they would either eat the lot or make off with the complete feeders - usually leaving the empty container half way down the lawn. I had to use strong wire to attach the feeders to my balcony. I'm afraid that I resorted to an air gun in the end (8 squirrels last year) I fail to understand why some people encourage them - I'm sure they wouldn't encourage rats and they are hardly different. How lovely it would be to see the return of the Red Squirrel but this won't happen until the grey vermin are properly culled.
Update. Up to the allotment again recently and just a few slug chewings in the strawberries. The nets have kept everything out. Hold on. I picked forty a minute ago. Where have they gone? Ah. Three-year-old has tell-tail red dribble from the side of his mouth.
we have had the same problem with strawberries and also, cherries, and apple being taken off the tree before we could.
thanks, buddy, i think our sticky finger-friends are more of the two-legged variety. do you know of any eu friendly options of ridding our allotmens of these pests? pippa kindly supported this in todays Daily Mirror, but still the loss of veg. continues despite the weather... what do we do now?

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