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Is August a good time to take cuttings for the next season should I cover them with a plastic bag until they start to root and keep them watered ,in my mini green house or outside.
can I use the same method on trailing Begonias
This is a useful article. I'm keen to have a go. I have a question... Last year I bought two trailing begonia corms. They flowered last summer and died off around Autumn. I then stored them over winter and re-planted them in spring this year. Neither of them grew over this summer but one of them started to grow leaves about 3 weeks ago and it is growing quite well now. What should I do? Keep it planted or store it? The other corm shows no life.
I have begonias out side in big potts, should i bring the tubers in after flowering and store them like daffodill bulbs?

can i take cuttings from tuberous begonias ?


daryl fleming wrote (see)

can i take cuttings from tuberous begonias ?

Not now-next spring you can when you bring the tubers back to life

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