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Now how did your beetle arrive over here from South Africa? People do not usually bother to import rotten wood. Was it brought in on imported flowers or fruit? Or did it drop off a plane from S.A.? The detective in me is aroused, Richard. But I can understand your excitement over finding it among the beautiful but familiar native insects and that it finds our climate kind to its lifestyle. So many things change our ecology nowadays that I think we should all be wildlife detectives.
We have noticed a very large number of ladybirds in our garden. Also we are seeing all the butterflys you mention. We also have over 20 newts who are very busy in the pond. A robin is also nesting in the ivy on the garage wall and is in and out all day with her beak full of caterpillars etc. The whole garden is very very busy, I just love it
I trap moths in my garden for identification and all records then go to Shropshire Wildlife Truct and the National Moth Recording Scheme and I have to say most species are quite a bit earlier than previous years. In fact, last Friday a Bee Moth (Aphomia sociella) appeared that is normally on the wing June-August! Looking at records going back to the early 1900's my sighting is the earliest ever.
Surely the cold spell was just a brief return to the normality of the past and acted as a natural way of eradicating weak life forms, allowing new stronger generations to flourish? xx


Interesting post, I have also witnessed very high levels of 'bug' life in my garden over the last few weeks. What is very pleasing to see are so many bees, we now have three bees nests in the garden this year! Butterflies have been prevalent also with the orange tip visiting in masses, I put this down to the large number of dandelions around in the fields near us this year? As you we also have holly blue amongst several other species. I hope this great turn out this spring signifies the start of a great year for us gardeners!
I have had lots of ladybirds i put a bug box up last year, around Feb and March this year i saw some of them sunbathing and they had Seven spots i was pleased to see. Unfortunately i found a wasps nest in a bag of compost near the House so i have had to get rid of it as i have small children comeing to the house also lots of Bees in the garden.
Ah, yes, the lily beetle. I have taken my lilies indoors where they do not seem to find the pots but, in the Botanic garden the lilium lancifolium in the Chinese Herbal garden had dozens on them on Thursday and , though I was not averse to watching the other volunteers doing away with them, I found I could not kill a living creature and just pretended to be helping. If only we could grow some extra just for the beetle that would be fine. The adult is so handsome, almost as appealing as an adult ladybird.
i have two types of bubble bee in my garden and they seem to be coming out in a hole in the soil. I love them and didnot realise that they live under ground. I live in county durham. Ladybirds our out and so are butterflies. plus all my dandilions have gone to seed.
I hope we get some rain soon, otherwise this ridiculously early heatwave will have drastic effects on our wildlife... :/
HELP! Invaded by wire worms in my veg plot at the moment,i'd never come across them before now,they've destoyed my lettuce and sweetcorn which hadn't been in long.I've been searching through my soil for these pests and chopping them in half.Has anyone any advice it would be much appreciated.
this is all really good we have a small pond wiv great crested newt nd gold crested newts an frogs nd toads and the smooth newt and as bees go there hundreds of them its brillian and we hav also seen hundreds of ladybirds this year too we have just had sum rain tonite the first propa rain we have ad few a few months or more now its relly freshened the air nd doin the garden some good cya every1 ...... north yorkshire
Lots of all types of insects, bees, butterflies and a fantastically large beetle which took us a while to identify but turned out to be a Cock Chafer also known as a billy witch or May bug, big and flying mid April with it's wings causing a wonderful buzzing sound and it's beautiful shiny back reflecting our garden light
The rain has just stopped and it is very warm and sunny in bristol and, my goodness, the butterflies,especially the orange tips ,are out feeding in some numbers. Absolutely delightful.


Can anyone tell me if i can give chicken pellets to my sunflowers to help them get tall with large flower heads, I am trying to beat my brother this year, and i have not grown them before. I just about to plant them out as the are now very healthy looking and 15 ins tall. Thankyou for any comments
Ihave very recently photographed a WALL BROWN butterfly in my garden. it's the first one i have seen in this part of north cheshire.Have also noticed an increase in the Dunnock and Robin populations.
I have a wisteria which has been in a large container for the last 4 years I want to trnasfer it tpo the ground when is a good time to move it
Due to a large sycamore tree @ the bottom of the garden which is usually home to aphids that send sticky dew over my garden; today we have had swarms of greenfly coming off the tree & into the gardens. These have been followed by ladybird larve but they aren't fast enough to stop the aphids attacking my broadbeans! This feels far too early to be dealing with greenfly :(
my dwarf lilliput pear tree .that i bought last year..has not blossomed yet is a self fertile pear tree..but no sign of blosssom