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please ! send to me vedio and pictures to my email
I have some young tomatoe seedlings which I am bringing on in an unheated greenhouse. I also have some young tumbling plants & standard plants bought from a garden centre which are much further on than my seedlings. however, I have notices over the past few days that they are all beinging to look as though the leaves are turning yellow & some early flowers have died on my tumblers. Could this be that the cold weather is affecting them. The temperature in my greenhouse over night has been around +1-2 deg C
My toms have developed black mottled leaves which I have removed but the new leaves are just the same. I have not fed them yet as the three trusses as yet have not set.what is the problem, what can I do to solve it and will it affect the toms please? I have grown the toms from seedgrow on I n green house in growbags and have never had this problem before.
My tomatoes have mauve stems and curled leaves, is this down to the cold????

It sure is Jim, Darkening of leaves is a sign of cold damage on many plants.


Mark 499

Mike there are no Tomatoes with fish genes in, there was an idea to do this but it was quickly dropped.. Tomatoes need a minimum of 10c below this they suffer,  purple curled leaves are a sure sign of cold damage.


Also, not much point in giving Lifechange advise on his plants, I should think after three years his plants are well dead!

It was not Mike that resurrected the thread, Lyn, but someone else...

So?  Whats that got to do with it. Jim asked the question about his tomato plants!

My mum often uses a saying, "If you can't say anything nice- say nothing at all."
Seems you just can't help yourself.

I would never say anything but nice about you Charlie. X

I have planted tomatoes out in my garden in to new top soil and put nutrients in too but it doesn't seemvto to be taking to well what have I done wrong

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