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I've got blight on my outdoor toms :( Boo. Looks like i'm making a whole lot of chutney this weekend.
we've had quite bad blight here in south devon- our allotments had it on spuds and toms. i grew Sarpo Mira and Axona- supposed to be blight resistant but still got a bit.also they are both difficult to cook, they fall apart when you boil them and we didn't think either type tasted particularly good. so won't bother with them again. Cara seems to be a good one to grow here so will try it next year.
2009 was a bad year...blight every where ...however 2010 was blight free..don't know why, must have done something different ....
And a gentle reminder to check stored spuds regulalry as a very slightly blighted tuber is easy enough to miss when you put potatoes in to bags to store....and yet if you leave it in the bag it will soon start to spread - found one myself yesterday! Bin or burn the rotting or discoloured tuber, don't compost it!


My thoughts exactly! The weather's been perfect for blight (I think}, plus all my tomatoes are outside this year and not a sign of blight on either potatoes or toms. Was the wind in the wrong direction to stop it blowing in?

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