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I don't grow stuff like cabbage and cauli, caterpillars love them and they take up far to much room. I keep saying I won't grow Brussels again, grew them this year and the caterpillars had a feast.

In  GH -Peppers were a disaster but there's still one plant left with large green peppers on, they refuse to go red...I live in hope.... Aubergines did well, there were a lot of medium sized fruits on about four plants.Chillies did well too.    



I had 3 grafted aubergines in the greenhouse and they were brilliant but the ones grown from seed were rubbish

Peppers were rubbish ,chillies o.k and tomatoes had a much smaller crop than usual

I grew 1 grafted tomato plant but can't say it was any better than the ones I grew from seed

Pam LL x

I was a bit too enthusiastic this year, sowed tomatoes, peppers, aubergines etc. nice and early, then the weather changed and most were a waste of time. I did get some chillies though. My garden is rubbish, north-east facing, so depressing and I seem to have had my clay soil replaced by mucky slop,  yuk! 

I've always experienced similar problems with brassicas but so far I've refuse to give up on growing them. My partner even now refuses to eat broccoli grown in the summer as there have been a few mishaps with caterpillars appearing on the plate. i may try and stagger it this year so I get some late and then some early the following spring. This should avoid the peak of the dreaded cabbage white but we'll see how it goes.

With all the talk of veg being eaten by catterpillars, all you need to do is put net over them. Amazon sell a huge roll very reasonably priced, last for years if you are careful.


i have some black tomatoes plants when do I no when to pick them

Eric I've never grown black ones, but can you tell by feeling the tomato    and give it a little twist and if it comes off easily it should be ripe.

Would be interested to hear what you think about the taste.


Ok ill try that let u no what they taste like KEF

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