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I have an Aralia elata "variegata" it is still quite young but gives a lovely display of creamy white flowers through to early autumn,
Wilf don't worry that happened to one of mine this summer and now its new growth looks healthy so I'm going to wait until next spring and look for any die back once the new leaves are on then just trim off any dead wood.
It is certainly interesting for me to read the blog. Thanks for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.
Acers... I've got a Atropurpureum Acer for my birthday back in May, I followed the planting instruction to the letter, (I'm just a beginner) and since, having such a lousy summer, the poor tree has lost almost all the leaves and the few remaining are all curled up. I know it isn't dead because there are the random new leaves sprouting, but I was looking forward autumn ti see it in full display, and ain't happening... what did I do wrong?

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