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you can get polytunnel clear tape to use for this in any hard wear store are garden centre ive used this tape its awsome for keeping bubble wrap up in the greenhouse but do be aware that its 5 pound now for a roll of this tape chloepip
I have just found 3 daffs in a long established patch in full flower, onthe other hand those in my woodland garden which usually flower first aren't even showing leaves
earlier this year i decided to try ladybird larvae in my garden in order to keep bugs at bay-well they did a great job-but there are still hundreds of them all over my bean stalks (which are incidentally still covered in beans)! Never thought they would both still be around at this time of year!And all my bulbs are up-some around 4 inches high!
I tidied up in my spinney today and found the biggest, sweetest blackberries of the year. They will be frozen with Brambleys for puddings next April.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who has bulbs popping up - and my yukka in the front garden has the most spectacular 4 foot flower spike on it. Sometimes things just seem a bit topsy turvy don't they?
yes cut back the borders ages ago everything has sprouted again strange times my mum always said when the seasons become one its the end of the world.....just to cheer everyone up ,,,,lol
I have some flourishing plants in my borders. They are clearly a type of chrysanthemum (purplish button flowers)which I bought in a supermarket. I am wondering if they will survive left, or should I dig them up & plant them in the greenhouse? I now have similar yellow button chrysanths in pots. Can anyone help before the frosts arrive?
I like the seasons too It brings more birds to the garden. Mine is waiting with expensive high energy food and the garden is empty of wildlife!
Hi Kate - We have delphiniums in bloom again here in our cottage garden in the Blackdown Hills and it's mid December! What say you? kind regards Terri
Hi Kate, I have blue bell bulbs that have started to show about 2 inches above the soil - which seems very early to me - when should you start to see bluebell bulbs sprouting?

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