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Although they aren't garden birds "waggies" do come into towns alot during the winter. One dark winter evening I was doing some Christmas shopping and could hear lots of bird noise. Looking up there was a tree full of Pied Wagtails! I assume they had gone there to roost as it was warmer. The amazing thing was the people around seemed oblivious to them.
I had a very unusual visitor to my back yard last summer Richard. It was a wagtail in all its finery,except it had a yellow breast. Saw it two days in a row,and it had what looked like a twig,wedged in its foot. I would love to know what it was ?
Hello Spud, Chances were that it was a yellow wagtail, although it could have been a male grey wagtail. Hope that helps.
can anyone tell me if they have known a grey wagtail to fly at window purposely time and time again, this has been hapening to me foe weeks now.


Reply to Val and Joan. I've not seen this in wagtails, but a long-tailed tit bashed itself against the window of a holiday house in the Isle of Wight or days for the entire week we were there. I've been told there are two possible reasons for this: aggressive, seeing off the reflection as if it were a rival; and learned if previous visitors to the house had been feeding it.
How do i get Buddlea seeds to germinate in the tropics? I live/work in Vietnam, where they have beautiful butterflys, so i brought out some seeds from the UK to attract said beauties...but no luck with outside sowings in pots. It's 35'c here + sunny and humid.
Reply to Ken. Don't bother with buddleja. It is a thug of a plant and I never recommend it to anyone. There may also be local laws (as there are in the UK), about planting potentially invasive species. There are two sure-fire ways to attract butterflies up close in the tropics. (1) Leave out over-ripe fruit in a sunny spot, or a raised platform like a bird-table. They will be attracted to the fermenting juices. (2) Urinate on bare ground. They will be attracted to the salts and minerals. The second method often results in a living carpet of gently rustling wings as they 'mud puddle'.

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