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Is anyone else having problems with their runner/green beans. Normally by this time of the year they are romping up the canes but this year they have barely grown at all. I have been making sure they are watered but they don't look any higher since the day they were transplanted into the ground in the pots (loo rolls) they were sown in. Anyone any ideas??
Mine have been slow to take off, though they look healthy enough. Our plot is windy and exposed so the beans don't twirl round their poles so confidently. I have had to tie them in some cases.
In the process of squishing red lily beetle find many black beetles same shape as red - are they immature reds? Also despite planting a now 2 year old garden where there were many bee's are counting bee's on one hand. Is it still too early - feel most concerned as love the buzz of early summer - maybe we have to wait until the lavender flowers. PS. As I only have one big fragrant lily in a pot how did they find us?
Have just planted runner beans around 2 wigwams in our new garden (had to dig up the lawn first). They were very slow in growing at first but now seem to growing much better - although I am having to help them latch onto the canes. My first attempt at vegetable growing so fingers crossed.
Hi I'm really not into this whole thing about planting seedlings out whilst still in their loo-roll pots, if the soil gets at all dry the card tends to become pretty well inpenetrable, and root growth is likely to be restricted....and confined within a loo roll I am sure life would soon get pretty difficult! I'd advise growing them in small pots or cells and then planting them out in the usual way......and yes, it is not uncommon to have to tie young beans in initially. Until their growth comes into contact with the support they cannot twine around it as the relevant growth response is not initiated. PG


This year I too planted my beans into loo rolls, starting them off in the greenhouse, but am not at all impressed with their progress. Next year I shall plant them straight into the ground, as I always have done in the past.
This year i have grown early potatoes in tubs so far i have had a very low yeild from them what should we expect from three tubers per tub
In mid wales I plant all my seeds in polystyrene cups (£1 for 50)they then stay in the greenhouse or polytunnel until the roots start appearing at the bottom. At present I have Broad beans from pots in flower and beans starting to appear, my runners are 10" high and have only been in the ground for 2 weeks and French beans are starting to romp away and the cauli, cabbage and sprouts are shooting up. Have also picked 3lb of Strawberries from the Polytunnel Way to go !!!!
I planted some veg seeds in these bio-degradable pots and the remainder of my seeds in normal seed trays and pots.Having transplanted them to raised beds I have found the ones in the biodegradable pots are much slower to grow.Covered with cloches until late May,all my veg are slow growing this year despite the warm weather.Do I need to feed them -I tried using tomato feed and I am going to use chicken pellets.Is this a good Idea, as I want my veg organic.My broad beans are growing after an initial pest was eating the leaves...not found the culprit Any suggestions? however,a home made insectiside of water and garlic sprayed onto the leaves and netting around the beans seemed to deter the culprit.My potatoes are in grow bags but plentiful of tall leaves but small potatoes still...they are supposed to be earlies!!!Happy Gardening
Ive planted all my potatoes in old compost bags this year and have 13 of them all together!Everytime I harvest a bag I make a note of what they were, the yield and the date harvested just out of interest really. So far ive had two harvests of just under 900g and todays was 1228g, they are small but enough to feed a family of four for one meal and little bit more. What I was wondering is what can I do with all this compost after its been used for the spuds? (bearing in mind i dont have a compost bin) is it possible to put a single brassica plant in each bag of compost? they are 35ltr bags. I would love to have some greens in time for Xmas
I put the spent potato compost on the garden where I am growing flowers as long as there wasn't any blight.
I sowed my runner beans(St.George)into a unheated propagator at the beginning of May.By the middle of the month I had plants large enough to plant out into a prepared trench two spits deep,with bucket loads of garden compost added to the bottom spit earlier in the year.Now at the beginning of June they have nearly reached the top of the 6Ft bean frame,made out of bamboo canes.Already have flowers appearing on the first few feet.Whilst waiting for the beans to climb the frame I sowed two rows of radishes along the trench and have been enjoying them in our salads the last couple of weeks.Now got to keep an eye out for black fly,plenty of ants about this year!
Hi On Gardeners World on Friday 11th June, Toby was talking about water pumps. He mentioned an electric one at around £45 but didn't say where we could get it from. Can anyone help? Thanks
Hello. I wonder if you can help. I've been turning over a patch of ground that should be our vegetable plot. We've had a battle with neighbours' cats, slugs and snails, couch grass etc., but I have a number of veggie babies that need a home. During the excavations I came across four large white fungus balls with a mass of tendrils attached. The balls vary in size from 2cm to 7cms diameter and are squigdey to the touch but remain intact when handled. We've never had these in the garden before - the only thing that's changed being a liberal spreading of chippings on the paths to keep the weeds down. My question is; are these fungi dangerous? will they effect our crops? how do I get rid of them. I wonder if anyone can help. Many thanks
Hi, I water my plants regularly, but i have been noticing that my some of my plants get buds and then the buds die without flowering. I got some chillies too...they came out fine but then after a few days fell off without growing well. Is it because of the weather changing from cold to warm to cold...or is iit me doing something wrong. Please guide me so that me can take better care of my plants. Thank You


Hi Sadia, I've had the same problem with my potato plants. The buds formed then fell off before flowering. On another variety they have flowered no problem. So an advice would be welcome. On the bean front, I've already had some green beans. Broad beans, peas and runner beans are all still flowering and got some nice size pods coming on. So something has gone right. Have fun gardening :)
French green beans growing great and have an abundance of red flowers, when and where do the beans appear
I have never had trouble with runner beans but this year the flowers seem to be snapping off and not setting. I water them thoroughly twice a day and as usual they are in very large pots. What is happening can anybody advise me. The variety is White Lady and St George.
Hi my runnerbeans are still coming but very poor blackfly and ants are to blame I belive potatoes are allways poor to me you see all my veg is grown in tubs as I am in Wheelchair My Wife does most of the watering but I help pull the hose out for her We are hoping to grow Kohlibi which taste like cabbage have had some this year grown by a friend hope for some feedback on that regards joybags