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I'm very envious of all of you - I live in York and despite backing onto a nature reserve with an ancient hedge including hawthorn as its boundary I haven't seen one. There was a lone redwing who visited for several days until all the hawthorn berries had gone. I assume he's now moved on to find the rest of his flock!
As i sit and write this i am looking at a pair of Redwings feeding on Rowan beeries. They have visited my garden everyday since xmas. I also had my first sighting of a Waxwing last week for 3 days feeding from the same tree
8 Waxwings in my garden yesterday but only for about 30 seconds I was lucky to be looking out of the window at the time Gt Abington,Cambridge


We were delighted in Derby over the Christmas period to see 20 or so Waxwings taking berries from our Rowan Tree and again the following week sunning and preening themselves on top of a huge hazel tree. They are indeed a wonderful sight to see.
I saw 6 Waxwings sitting in small Oak Tree in my small garden in Warsash. Hampshire today. They were there for about 30mins,would go off then returned within a couple of before a few others went off. I was very luck to have such a good view off them from my bedroom window.
Spotted large flock of 20-30 at lunchtime in Fleet north of Aldershot on Sunday 9th January.
Whilst on holiday in Grange over Sands on 19th December we saw at least 50 could have been double that as they completely covered two berry trees either side of the road and impossible to count. Our first sighting of Waxwings, what incredibly beautiful birds. Never saw another one for the whole fortnight! Diane Davies, Cheshire
Never until today seen a waxwing but seen a flock of about thirty today feeding on an apple tree laiden with apples. Rugby Warwickshire
3 of these birds visited our street in heanor ,derbys this weekend its the 1st time i have ever seen them they let us get quite close as well i hope they turn up again
Just saw 42 of these in my garden in Sandhurst in Berkshire, (not far from Cymro's sighting in #30), eating berries before swooping off to a nearby tree and giving me chance to count them. A beautiful sight!
Thanks for all the observations. They are obviously all over the place. Still none in East Dulwich. Oh well...


i saw around 100 in the tufnell park area London N19 yesterday!! i couldn't believe it... :)
I had a waxwing in my garden last year, lovely sight. Had an unusual visitor 2 days ago, Googled its description, and it turned out to be a red rumped parakeet (Australian). It even had a nice voice!
We live in Stockport in the NW of England and there was a flock of approx 80 waxwings in a tree in our garden this afternoon 14.01.11 beautiful birds