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Creating a composting wormery is a great way to speed up the composting process, and to recycle organic wastes and food scraps into usable and potent fertilizer.Nice post anyway!
Worms are an indispensable factor in the vibrancy and productivity of a garden. Their contribution comes from the digestion of organic material and subsequent conversion of it in their bodies to nutrient-rich compost.Nice post!
Your article quite comprehensive list and makes for everyone interesting. Stay cool.
I have a normal compost bin. Not much action untill I mixed in a couple of bags of horse manure(full of worms) about a year ago. With a blanket on the top I am now getting my best compost ever. Still plenty of worms in there.

I bought the wriggly wrigglere can of worms a few years ago and last year decided to restart it so I ordered the worms and supplement food treat and got it going again,  I've had gallons of "worm tea"  for fertiliser so hopefully a good year for tomatoes ....

But I have a problem with flies, I don't add anything citrus or any onion it is wet and smelly despite having a tarpaulin over and I have bought Diatomaceous Earth to puff around the inside which hasn't made a lot of differnce. I am now adding shredded. Paper to try and soak up the moisture. 

Any ideas what else I can try to get rid of the flies without harming the worms ? They seem perfectly happy in the bottom tray and survived the mild winter In South Wales


Alvina Smith

Yes, its a great idea . It also gives a good use of organic garbage and rather than leaning outside and allowing lots of diseases to catch. Proper disposable of garbage through composting wormery is excellent option to get rid of the waste and get benefits.

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