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anthony mcglen

Hi all. just thought I would share.

I took the offer from T&M for free plants well paid for them and in three weeks they turned up at my home opened the large open sided envelope to find my plants inside and to my surprise the plants were nice and dark green and very healthy. very very small but really good roots on all the plants. I took some pic for you to see.



so lets see if I can keep them all alive. PS this was the butterfly collection T&M

anthony mcglen

hi bekkie thanks the plants did look nice but very very young I just hope I have the skill to bring them up  and get them into my garden LOL

They look great, the only thing i would say, is to keep an eye on the roots, they grow really fast at this time of year, if they become root bound they wony grow so well, as soon as you see roots through the drainage hole, pot them on
I hope we will have lots of pics of them in flower next year

Oh they do look good!  I'm sure you'll be fine and it's so rewarding when you can nurture little plants like this into fully grown beautiful plants.  Keep us up to date with their progress.


Victoria Sponge

What are the plants Anthony? I only recognise the achillea.

I've never taken up any of the offers from GW so I'm always interested to learn how they do.

I did buy both a bumper summer and winter perennials pack from T&M two years ago when I first got this garden but I'm afraid I didn't have the patience to look after them properly.

Im the same as you Vic, but they are good value!
Orchid Lady

Hi Anthony, they look really good and happy.

I had the last lot of 'free' plants and the lavender and like you received my latest ones yesterday.  Unfortunately I've not been able to pot them up yet but they are watered, cool and look fine.

My last lot of perennials all survived except one and that was my fault, the lavenders weren't quite so successful but I'm confident about these perennials.

As Bekkie said, we have to watch them carefully and I'm going to actually put mine on a table outside the back door so I can keep a close eye on them, I think it will only be two weeks max and they will need potting on  

Happy growing 

If you think you might not keep a close enough eve on them, get a tray put water and fine grit in it, then put the plants in their trays or whatever on top, this way, if the roots grow out the bottom, they will still get water but the roots shouldnt get so stuck that they break (unless u forget about them!)
anthony mcglen

Hi all and thanks for all the nice comments  here is a list of the plants.

12 x Echinacea 'Deep Rose' - large pink coneflowers in late summer
Height: 80cm, Spread: 60cm, Flowering period: August-October, Position: full sun

12 x Nepeta 'Mussinii' - purple-flowered aromatic catmint
Height: 40cm, Spread: 50cm, Flowering period: June-October, Position: full sun

12 x Achillea millefolium 'Cassis' - cherry-red flowers, thrives in hot dry sites
Height: 60cm, Spread: 45cm, Flowering period: August-October, Position: full sun

6 x Salvia 'Blue Queen' - drought-tolerant sage with violet flower spikes
Height: 45cm, Spread: 60cm, Flowering period: June-October, Position: full sun

6 x Geum 'Lady Stratheden' - lots of rich yellow blooms
Height: 30cm, Spread: 45cm, Flowering period: July-October, Position: full sun

I hope to have a good show next year with hundreds of butterfly's in my little garden

Orchid Lady

Good tip Bekkie, thank you, I will do that. In this heat I'm struggling to keep everything watered!!

There are 6 Geum Vic, I forget the variety but the are yellow and I got Geum Mrs Bradshaw with the last lot which is red,malty have a tangerine one which I am splitting in autumn so I'm hoping to have lots of lovely Geum colour next year.

I must admit I'm not too  familiar with the other varieties, but I'm sure I'll learn, it was the Geums that tempted me 


Victoria Sponge

I know some of them- lovely.

I hope you do get lots of butterflies Bees also love the salvia and catmint.

anthony mcglen

got a ? do you more experienced gardeners think my little baby's will be big enough to be planted out into the garden this year

It really will depend on how big they get, have you got anywhere you could make a nursery bed?
anthony mcglen

I may have but I am also working on my wife to let me get a lean to green house for the top of the garden that has a unused carport with no roof just a back gate.i can get one from amazon for under £100.00 I think that would be the best idea as I have lost a lot of young plants in the winter. what do you think bekkie  


Orchid Lady

Hi Anthony, as Bekkie said it depends how big they get, I asked a similar question about my first ones.  I have since planted half in the garden and half are still in pots as an experiment!

They shouldn't need to go in a GH as all are hardy and they should be big enough by then to stay out (I think).

This thread might help, although it may also get confusing as there are differing opinions


OL is right, no need to give them too much protection, it dosent do them any good

Id still get the greenhouse tho
anthony mcglen

thankyou Orchid Lady I will look at your link as well I do hope they grow quickly enough to go into my garden. but SHHHHhhhhh I still going to work on my wife for my green house he hee 

Orchid Lady

Of course Anthony, you can do so much with a GH and you could even grow some tomatoes for your wife and start annual bedding plants off early (eg sweet peas)...... So many benefits it would be cruel to not allow you to have one.  However, just for the record it took me 3 yrs to persuade my husband to let me have a new one in place if the decrepit one I had that wasn't even fit to call a GH 

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