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i cn honestly say that i have beenhere for 12 years and only had fieldfare once when heavy snow came.. never had red wing etc. visit

used to get finches alot but they have also declined in my garden.. lots of sparrows house, hedge and tree, loads of starlings, two robins who are here all year round. once keeps me company in the potting shed.. so cute

one pair of blackbirds that dont let much else feed on the ground when they are here.. funny to watch them get rid of others.. 2 thrushs, but no song thrush.. and some dunnocks and loads blue tits, long tail tits and wrens..

love feeding my birds they are my pets..


This year the magpies and carrion crow have kept most things out of my garden even some of the squirrels.i can also hear the nuthatch but for some reason they are nut coming in either which is odd because they have done for several years. Lots of long tail tits,great tits and blue tits,wrens  and a robin oh and lots of wood pigeons.


what are your ideas on how we can help the thrush?

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