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Busy Bee2

Finally, I can announce that the second hand greenhouse I bought off Ebay has been completed and is ready for action.  So far, the only thing in there is my 'thinking chair'!!




Fantastic!! I wish you many many happy hours pottering


BB, great news. I like the idea of a thinking chair. I have in the past had enough room for a chair, not anymore, it's full these days  I loved to sit in the GH and enjoy the winter sun.

Thanks for showing us pics. Now your fun starts

Steve 309

Thinking chair a Good Idea.  Sometimes you can sit and think.  Sometimes you can just sit.

The g/h looks a good size, too.  What are you going to grow in it?

Busy Bee2

Well Steve.... This feels a bit like the 'I'm scared' post, cos instead of having a perfectly prepared flower bed, I have a perfectly formed greenhouse primed and ready for action, and don't quite know where to start.  Thing is, you know all those posts from a few weeks back where people were talking about all the things they had planted too early cos they couldn't wait to get going?  Well, I am sort of suffering from my own stupidity in having some rather large tomatoes, cucumbers and chillies on the windowsill (see picture).  I'd love to stick them in the greenhouse, but it would be much too early.  But they already need potting on to something bigger.   I think I'll plant some brassicas out there.  I also have cosmos and carnation seedlings and bell peppers, at a much more manageable size, but not sure any of these would cope out there yet. 



I think you'll have a great time with your greenhouse---I was like you in the beginning & each year find more things to use it for---now am after a larger one but no chance I used to have a stool----took up less space but then got rid as took up too much room!!!!


Why dont you  use it for making early start on veg & flower seeds--using seed trays that have plastic lids over them for added protection???


BB the Cosmos can go in GH. I've checked your location and it's way too early for toms, cumbers, peppers. Haven't sown my toms yet , cumbers usually a couple of weeks later. Usually go into GH on staging early May & fleece at night if cold, then plant into buckets mid May.  

I've sown beetroot & peas in cold GH which can go out earlier. I'll sow my beans & courgettes in April. Both grow rapidly.

As you are keen to get going how about sewing Rocket & Spinach( you can sow direct but I germinate in GH)  and some grow & cut salad leaves in a planter, I still have some that have continued over the winter in GH.

Just a thought if your toms get too leggy / big indoors/ I think you can take side shoots and pot on as new plants  this might only be when they are more mature. Someone will tell you.

Cumbers need at least 10C in daytime in GH, and need protection if cool at night until a lot warmer than it is now. I know cumber seeds are expensive but I think maybe you might need more, to sow later. The small (lunchbox) varieties produce quicker & earlier than full size and are yummy.

Have fun in your GH. Keep us posted

Busy Bee2

Thanks guys.  Well yes I think some early salad would be a good start.  And very welcome cos we eat lots of that.  In fact I am going to try watercress this year, although that says it should be planted outside - going to get some more advice on that one as it is new to me.  I think the tomatoes will be okay till planting out time as we do have the space and light for them, and they are not too leggy - when I replant I will bury the stalks down to mimic ring culture!  The cucumber variety is Marketmore, and I think that is a smaller variety.  I have never had any luck growing cucumber from seed in the past, and bought some with little optimism, but they were cheap.  I only planted six seeds, and all six came up, at very different rates though.  But I think I expected to have to have three goes at it before I got anywhere, started early, and now have pretty big plants as a result.  I have peas growing in cardboard toilet rolls which could probably go out now - successional sowing as the toilet rolls get used up in the bathroom.  I've had terrible trouble raising runner beans in the last couple of years, so may start them in the propagator in late April.  Also have some old 'Speedy' seeds which I might try, just in case there's any life left in them.  And put some celery seeds in the propagator today.  BTW - I also got some marigold seeds to grow in the greenhouse - does anyone think this works at keeping the nasties away?  They are English marigolds though, as opposed to the French ones, which remind me too much of 1970s suburbia!


Marketmore is a great cucumber variety of the smaller ridge type, good cropper and very sweet. I have only ever tried them outdoors but should be fine in a cold greenhouse.

Good luck with your runner beans this year, the only trouble I have had in the past is mice. I sow them in pots in a coldframe or cold greenhouse around the first week of May, they're normally up within the week at that time of year.


Wow BB, don't think you need advice

I do put Marigold in GH to mask the smell of toms from aphids, one year I didn't bother and put some cuttings from my curry plany ( ornamental) in, and it also worked. Don't like M's as flowers just buy a few from a market stall to do their job.

Peas in toilet rolls, I don't do that, I put mine in some old guttering. I know sweet peas are gown in t/rolls. If it works for you great, I might give it a try.

Last year my runners were a nightmare, just rotted in pots in GH but 2nd attempt they germinated in conservatory, last year was really cold / damp wasn't it? Strange as climbing french beans germinated fine in GH.

Watercress needs to be in a wet area, or a container with poor drainage. Guess you know that. I tried it one year but poor yield. Landcress is another option, not quite as tasty but easier to grow.

Wish I had your Lincolnshire soil, clay here.

Meant to say a great looking GH, looks like new. You've done a brill job getting & cleaning it.

I now have 3 'thinking' chairs! One for the Potager wich the cat pinches regularly. One for the Shrubbery where I can hide away with a good book (gardening one of course) and One that I carry around to place opposite 'projects' and consider in depth what on earth to do despite loads of plans in head and on paper. Now I have my first greenhouse (since last week) Chair No 4 will have to be employed. Only ONE problem - NO chairs left for visitors!

Busy Bee2

KEF you're swelling my head!  I will do the marigold thing then.  I have researched the watercress growing (I so DO need advice!)  Anyway, am going to try making holes in the sides of plastic plantpots, planting up, then placing the plantpots in an old washing up basin of water that comes a couple cm short of the rim of the pots, keep in greenhouse, change water every day (or most days!)  And we'll see what happens.  I like experimenting.  Our soil here is indeed lovely to work with, like apple crumble topping.  Needs bulking out a bit though and you have to keep on top of the watering, and it is full of pieces of sandstone, which come from the underground sandstone factory, where malevolent elves manufacture stones and push them upwards, so that even in a raised bed, where you thought you had sifted the soil very carefully, you find endless bits of rock.  Biofreak you need to buy an extra chair!  We are forever dragging ours round the garden.  As for reading, you have reminded me I need to make new covers for the lounger cushions before too long!!

You seem to have plenty to keep you busy---good luck & enjoy!!!

Orchid Lady

Fantastic Bee, love it, it's a nice shape and looks quite big  love the 'thinking' chair, I have a chair in mine too at the moment, it usually lives on the veg patch but put it in the GH for now until it fills up......mine is my 'sanctuary' chair needs a do not disturb sign on 

Busy Bee2

I would like to see a picture though Orchid Lady!!  You and I have been in tandem for weeks on the 'greenhouse not up yet, but on its way front'!!  Have you put up a diversion sign for the footballs yet?  Cherry, this afternoon I was thinking 'can't go in the garden, it's tipping it down' but of course I CAN garden in the rain now.  Or get out the sewing machine.  Need to mend my beekeeping suit too.



Orchid Lady

Ah, I see, I didn't want to hijack your thread, it didn't seem fair so. I posted it on the Forkers thread  I sat in my 'sanctuary' with a glass of wine earlier as the sun was going down and listened to the rain on the roof.....magical 

Busy Bee2 your greenhouse looks great here's to many hours & years of happy gardening ahead of you. Please move the pallet behind it if wind moves it could cause some damage.

Busy Bee2

Andy - you were a VERY important influence in my should I/shouldn't I days - in fact I have been inspired by your photo of a greenhouse ready to go after re-furbishment, throughout the whole process.  I can't tell you how jealous I was of its pristine readiness!!!  I hereby promise to move the pallet.  Orchid Lady, isn't it amazing that after all this time we announced the new additions to our family on the same day?  Lucky you live so far away or I'd have joined you with a fold up thinking chair and a bottle of wine and gatecrashed your greenhouse party!!


Hooray for Bee and Orchid However, I can guarantee that you both have a large problem. Not enough space! All GH are too small! You may just be wondering how to fill them now, but soon you will want more space. There will be no more room for a chair! My ex worked on an estate with a 100' victorian GH, and another 10x12, and they were stuffed to bursting by May. Mines nearly full already, but has done a stirling juo of overwintering my standard fuchsias. Only had it up a yr! Come back later in the yr with pics, please, just so I can say 'Told you so'

Busy I can't wait to see it next year at this time if like mine and most other's it will be full to the door. My two are full of seeds,cuttings tubers and bare root plants not an inch of space left but that's what their built for i spend many hours in them over the winter. One heated one not i don't know how i would manage without them in the garden i sit out there in my own wee world at times it's like another life hope you find the same enjoyment in yours.