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Paul Anderson
Have been told that I can lay new turf over an existing lawn/turf, have I been told this info by a cowboy or can it actually be done like that?

I supose it depends on whether the site is level and how much weed is in it. I have been slicing turf off of my garden to make into beds, put it on a bank, 2 turfs deep and its well growing.

I dare say you will get lots of real practical advise on here, so wait for some more comments. Personally, i would if it was level and weed free.  Saves a lot of work if you want a quick job.

Paul Anderson
Just requires a re-turf that's all, it's very mossy & patchy etc

Agree with Edd - it'll just curl up and die   If a job's worth doing it's worth doing well, and all that jazz 

Paul Anderson

Ah so it was a cowboy who told me this, I thought as much...I have laid turf before but when he told me this I thought I was missing a trick....Thanks everyone


artjak's a bit like the cowboy who told me that he could lay laminate flooring over carpet...


I will keep an eye on my bank then, i wonder how long it will take to die.

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