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Hi I am new to this forum and would like some advice for buying top dressing in County Durham preferably which is of good quality. I run a Garden maintenance Http:// business in Chester le street and I would like to offer more services to my customers. Would a sandy top dressing 70/30 mix as advertised on pitch care be acceptable for you average lawn?


Gary 2 

i top dressed my lawn last year . I used a 3 part mixture of loam, mp compost and horticultural sand. The loam was produced from old turf that had broken down over a year

As regards your question where to buy dressing , I am not to sure. I would have thought it should be available but its not something I have seen in bulk but only in small 20 litre bags




Gary, I'd make your own. it's cheaper and you can control the quality. Buy MPC in bulk along with the sand and topsoil. Use a cement mixer to mix, then bag and use as needed.

Top dressing is easy to do, and having been a commercial gardener, control over cost and quality, is better than trying to save a few quid, by buying in stuff.

Customers will appreciate the effort if it's explained to them properly and the results will be appreciated.

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