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Transport needed for flooded gardens

Flooded gardens support really taking off; we need transport relays

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Artjak and break23 - i can get to Worthing without too much trouble (i am near Guildford) - all of my contributions are growing from seed, so will not be ready for transporting til late May/ early June - but i will keep watching this thread and will make contact nearer the time.


Break - sounds like a plan !!


gardenjeannie, it would be great if more people responded but I think starting yet another thread may irritate/confuse people. The truth is that in any situation there are a finite amount of people who will help; there are many many causes that I have a vague sympathy for, but I DON'T help as I have more pressing interests elsewhere.

Also, because we are not a formal set-up, it is not just a question of growing some plants and delivering them to a collection point down the road; it requires a bit more input than that and lots of people don't have the time.

The seed thing which you are doing is great as it is very easy to pop some packets in the post; then you have to do all the hard work at the other end for which I am truly grateful

With the transport, I am sure it will figure itself out and I don't mind doing a few round trips.

Just for information..............for those good people who can get as far as Bridgwater with their goodies, a good place to meet up and pass on to those of us who can then deliver the goods locally....................Huntworth Business Park off J. 24 at Bridgwater.   The old Somerfield Distribution Centre ( currently acting as a depot for household goods for flood victims) appears to have plenty of parking space and is just a few minutes off the Mway.

I haven't enquired whether we can do this...........just an idea.............but I don't see why not.



What a wonderful bunch you all are!

Philippa - brilliant to have you as a local contact and 'final leg of journey' transport.  Good idea to use J24 centre if they let us (I know they've had security problems so the gates are now manned, but I can't see why it would be an issue.  Or if not, the services at the same junction have a good Costa Coffee shop and lots of parking!

And Lizzie - thanks for making the run to the levels, and being willing to do it again if necessary!

We have an offer from someone who travels to Devon regularly, who can pick up plants from EXETER or NEWTON ABBOT if there are any down that way ready for transport.

Break23 and Chicky - I like your plan!

Nutcutlet and Gardenjeannie still need solutions for their plants - GJ's can get as far as HAYDOCK but then stuck, and GJ is near PETERBOROUGH - so any travellers heading in either of those directions would be particularly welcome!

Well done everyone, you are all magic





have a great week Rosie

Hi Artjak, just realised my message didnt post on here  I'm in Brighton, and mums said she be happy to help with the transport. Let me know if you need me (us).

I was going to have a sort out of plant today, but not sure now. I know I have a few plants to give and was going to order the free plugs in this months issue, pot them up, grow them on for a couple of weeks and then give them to the people in Somerset 

Secret Squirrel

Hi, I'm working up here in Scotland,but would like to contribute. I can send seeds to and address if someone PM's me


Ryan, that sounds lovely; there are people in Worthing and North of Worthing as you can see from this page; perhaps, make a note of this page number and when you have plants ready, you and your mum could get in touch with them (there is a private message facility here) and arrange something.

Mark, if you pm gardenjeannie (I think I've got the name right) she is the organiser for seeds


Hey Ryan, I've just read your profile, GOOD FOR YOU!  And good luck with everything.  Look forward to seeing you at Chelsea!


Thanks Dove, bump

Just got the news; my old friend who has moved to Bristol can put me up when I deliver plants to Somerset



An 8.30 bump.

Spent the day on my own veg garden as it needed it!


Mark1963, Where in scotland are you working? I'm nr Ayr. Have PM'd my Address for seeds. They will have to go in the next box, now, but I don't think this will be a short -term project, as long as everyone can keep up the enthusiasm, and it is appreciated.

Ryan, good on you and Your Mum.

Artjak, I see your point. This was something amongst the many appeals that we see every day that I could help with. I could use a little time, very little money (that I am short of myself), and hopefully make a little difference.

Everyone, My partner has pointed out that he could also meet anyone at Preston 'Tickled Trout' junction, as M55, M65, M61 and M6 all very easily accessible from there. Initially to move my plants, (and any more) from Scotland on 1st May to Haydock, or if anyone can take further.

Any Ideas gratefully received. Lizzie is nowhere nr us!


I can transport seeds to a meeting point on weekends and also Fridays at the moment. I can collect from Jeannie as I'm about half an hour away from her and don't mind taking them to Carlisle/North of England or even North Lakes area or thereabouts if anyone wants to meet there.