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hi, i have lots of these in my garden and they have self propagated, they are very tall with lots of clusters of white flowers that are very pretty. i planted it at the back of a border and they have gradually moved forward so they eventually bend and cover the path.the leaves are very thin and it has lots up and down the stem, the roots are also very thin, it comes every year but i dont know its name or how to get the best out of it, help please!

Verbascum? Phlox?

It's a bit difficult without a photo, Pam.

i will try and get my daughter to put a photo on later, the flowers remind me of bellis or gypsy grass .!


Epilolobium...white rosebay?

 or Aconite perhaps?




I like that white aconitum Addict


Me too.

Isn't it hard from just a description. Could be all sorts of things. Just googled gypsy grass not helpful  wish I knew what that was would be somewhere to start lol. As for Bellis, is that why you suggested aster as in daisy?


Bellis suggests the flowers might be daisy shaped. But......


what an amazing collection of google images for gypsy grass

hi, it isnt any of those pictured but the aconite is lovely!

picture coming soon so that should help!


Might be camomile.


no its not cammomile, the flowers are all white


how tall is very tall? are they in flower now or earlier in the season?


Ammi majus?



Not sure where my pic went - it was there!


i googled ammi majus and its not that either, the flowers are more compact a nd rounded,it grows to about 4/5 ft and flowers from june, its coming to the end now and the flowers are turning brown, i did get some pics to send but unfortunately they wouldnt load, i will try again tomorrow i know its hard to name without a photo!


This is like 20 questions!


june flowering eliminates my asters


Sure is waterbutts

The only other white daisy like flowers I can think of are Achillea millefolium white,

ptarmica the pearl and ageratum but none of them are tall enough. Must try and guess before the photo now lol