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Hi Edd! I've just been given an empty wormery that looks very similar to this (image liberated off the internet)

 Where in the garden would be best to locate it? Would it benefit from being in the greenhouse at all or even just during the winter?

Would I just put composting material in the top level and let it rot down or put it in the bottom layer and go upwards as I fill it?

What do you suggest I add to it before the worms?


Thanks ever so!


Ordered my worms (from the company that made the wormery). Quite excited!!

I have just found some old leachate in milk bottles at the back of my shed. Can I put the liquid on the compost heap?


whew , Marathon completed. I've just read the whole thread in one go.

Forgive me if I've missed something. This " compost" seems so precious, what do you use it for Edd? Can it be used for potting compost , or do you use it as an accelerator in the outdoor regular compost bin?

Edd.  A few posts back you were describing worm compost having lots and lots of tiny white baby worms, as if this was in some way undesirable.  Is this the case?  It certainly is a description of my compost.  In fact I never seem to achieve that lovely loose dry stuff.  So all I use it for is putting handfuls into my regular compost tumbler to  bring it along.  Hester



I read Edd that boiling citrus and onion skins made them OK, found it a bit of a fuss though and they still didn't seem really suitable, so now directing citrus and onion to the compost instead of the worms. I have two small indoor bins, one in the utility room for  (worm friendly) tea bags and peelings, one in the kitchen where the citrus and onion scraps go to keep them separate.

Tried powdered egg shells for the first time about a week ago, my wormery is new and only just establishing ,but I'm convinced since adding the egg shells cast production has noticeable increased.  Off to give them some fresh grub 

Thanks, Edd. Happy Christmas to you and your worms.

Thank you for this informative post. It's been very useful


Edd, I just love your composting thread and have often told friends to log on to this site to read it and see all the photos.  And now - you have info and experiments on animal poo. I await members comments with interest even tho' I no longer have dogs or cats. 

Hope 'things and life' soon improve for you Edd.  Yet another excellent informative posting.


Evening Edd.

I brought my wormery out from the shed today (as its now colder in there than outside). The forum isn't letting me load any photographs but as soon as I can I will show you the soil in layers one and two. I shall be decanting the first compost into my sowing tray soon to use your light method to hold back a few of the worms (there are so many!) and using the soil to refresh a few pots now things are popping up!

Just wanted to say thank you for your help in getting (and keeping it) going!




Thanks from me too Edd. I've still got the wormery by the outside boiler until after the last frosts when I'll bring it outside. Went to check on it the other day, was really surprised to see I had hundreds of baby worms 


 Here we go Edd. Soil from the bottom layer of my wormery.


 And from layer two (there are only three layers). The white mass I'm hoping comes out in the photograph was a huge ball of what I'm hoping was babies worms!

Well I wasn't expecting to learn about how worms reproduce today. Thanks Edd!!

Edd - I have ants in my wormery. The soil was disturbed and they were very busy. Should I worry?  Your advice is needed! Thanks.


Hmm. Thank you Edd for that advice. I have a round 'Can -o-worms' kind of wormery on legs. I took it out of the greenhouse about a month ago. I did wonder about putting the legs into water & bowls, which I will do. I think I will put some tea dregs in there too. I don't really like the idea of poison, just want them to move out. I suppose the water bowls will have to wait a few days then!   Thank you.


i have a wormery the five tier square kind, what is the best way to remove the worms from the compost other than picking them out by hand? 


thanks edd 


very interesting and useful edd, that will save heaps of my time as last time i did it, i spent ages picking them out by hand, i haven't had a look in my wormery for months but generally they seem to like my lackadaisical approach, throw in some week old peelings ,tea bags & egg shells and wrung out newspaper and then forget about them for a few months, probably not the right method but seems to keep them going