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Has anyone any experience of raising Watsonia from seed please? After over two months I managed to get some to germinate but am unsure how to grow them on. The largest are now at the 6" single  leaf stage and I now have five of these (waiting with baited breath for the others to emerge!) I'm keeping them indoors at present on a cool window sill - a precaution against the mollusc horde outdoors and possible late frost.

Any thoughts please?


I managed to get two to germinate which I got from the RHS seed collection. I kept them in the green house for about three years and then put them outside in pots for 1-2 years and I planted one of them late summer last year in a bed near the back door so I could see it from the lounge. This year I have 8 flower spikes showing. They are not in flower yet so I have no idea what colour they will be but I suspect its orange. They look very similar to crocosmia but bigger.

Hoping to get some seed to grow more and would be interested if anyone has watsonias with different coloured flowers.



Yes thanks for the response. I still have only five seedlings sitting under a cloche on the bathroom window sill and they are about 6" long - that's about all I can say. The hot weather does not seem to suit them despite keeping them moist and there has been some die-back which I trim off and live in hope.

I first saw these in Carol Klein's page in the Garden News when she said she had ordered some of these in February this year, presumably as established plants. I tried to find out in e-mails to GN what the outcome was but never got a reply. I believe that they are pretty robust once established and they originate from South Africa, where presumably they will have to be fairly tough to survive. Give it another year and mine should be quite well established although when there will be any flowers is an open question. The plants Carol Klein showed on her page were not from her garden but an image of what she planned to order this year and the flowers in the picture were orange.

Thanks again for replying.



I think you need to get them outside. Die back seems to be normal and I just pull the dead bits out.

Here's a pic of what yours could look like. They are about 18-22in tall.

Thanks for the advice. I will try that but with the fierce heat we have had recently I shall have to watch that they don't shrivel up. It was good to see the picture and thanks for sending it to me. It will help inspire me to greater efforts!  

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