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I got this fruit from plant nursery and told that this is "Australia apple"...can't find it in google image. It is the size of kiwi fruit but taste like honey dew. 

Can anyone tell me what is the name of this fruit?



What do the leaves look like?

i only got the fruit.. but told that is creeping vine plants


 This is the fruit inside but not ripe enough.



There is a member of the squash family called an apple gourd, that in australia grows wild on odd patches of ground like central reservations.



Most of the gourd family are bitter though. The cucamelon is about the same size as that.


Googled purple stripy fruit and this came up.....what do you think?


[img s=1??100%]

Pepino Incredible Ruby ™ Solanum muricatum 'Hortcolomb' PVR

Purple elongated fruit approxiately 12cm long when mature. The fruit is juicy with a mild flavour and crisp texture.
Produced and marketed by Tharfield Nursery Ltd in association with Plant & Food Research. Provisional PVR protection 'Hortcolomb'.

Habit - Ideal for container grown. A small vigorous bush, that flowers during spring and summer and fruits heavily from December until the first frost.

Size - Compact plant 60cm x 60cm.

Pollination - Self fertile

Harvest - Summer through to late Autum

Good spot! We've had the plants and green unripe fruit on the forum but this is the first(almost) ripe one.

Now I want to grow one myself. Actually, I want to eat one.  


That looks like it daintiness.

Wow at last i found it..!!!

Thanks all...

I will share this info with my friends..


star gaze lily

You were uo early/late! Hope you weren't having a sleepless nite over you query

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