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I went to work today, to the garden centre a usual and my front garden was looking really good, only the paving had millions of dandelions and rosebay willow herb in it. When I came back from work, there was nothing! Apparently my step sister wanted to earn some money and my step dad told her she could 'weed' (in the loosest possible term) the garden. I had around 20 ferns, 2 fuschias, a centranthus ruber (which has never self-seeded and looked really, really stunning) and a rosa glauca....which are now all cut up in rubbish sacks...fuming is an understatement! Have any of you had your gardens wrecked by someone with no clue about plants? It'd make me feel much better to hear your stories

No stories to add I am afraid but I feel your pain! So sorry for your loss!


Just wait till Bob a Job week comes, i wouldnt go to work if i were you Ryan, who knows what might happen, how much did she get by the way your step sister still alive ?

I've never yet hired a "gardener"...( well, I guess you didn't either ! ) but have had people lay large amounts of stonework......the guy in charge was a gardener himself but that didn't stop him trashing stuff

Take a deep breath, sit your step sister down and try to explain the difference between weeding and total never know, if you persevere she may well turn out to be a gardener in years to come.

This has probably not made you feel much better but you are not completely alone


Exactly why my OH is permenantly banned from the borders. One time I came home from work to find he had pruned the low growing Juniperus which was a complete hack job and took alot of medning from me. Even when I explained the correct method of pruing unwanted growth from beneth new grow to hide the chopped branches, it went in one ear and out the other.

I guess, not all of us are blessed with green fingers


Hogweed - Thankyou, I haven't been this upset in ages, because usually i just laugh it off

Alan + Phillippa - She's still alive...just But I nearly killed my step-dad too, he just went, well most of those plants were getting in the way anyway, it looks better for it. Definitely NOT the thing to say to me, I might have given him a hard time too. Parents and Stepsister have going halves on buying me a new centranthus, that's even bigger and better than the last one! ( Although they don't know it yet) My step sister will only end up with about a fiver I expect. Still don't know what to do about the other plants as I'm not so upset about those, they were just there when we came and looked really nice, might be able to get a bit of compensation for those aswell, so I can buy a couple Buddleja 'Buzz Series'?

I think giving my step sister a talk is a lost cause, I've been trying to get her green-fingered for the last 5 years without success, she's more than happy to just sit on her computer and do nothing for the whole day (although my mums pretty got on her case)

Winter - Aw sorry to hear about your Juniper, did you manage to get a replacement from your hubby?

Thanks guys, I do feel like a problem shared is a problem halved and now I've calmed down i might actually socialise with my family

I'd give it another 24 hours yet Ryan

Orchid Lady

Oh Ryan, that's terrible and I'm so sorry  I hope you do get even bigger and better plants as replacements.


 Ryan, that's awful  Even OH was shocked and he doesn't give two hoots about the garden 

My dad does similar things to their garden. My mum will have some plants she likes, and if dad doesn't like them as much they get 'weeded out'. I think she's given up now!

Ryan...........I'd go with Nutcutlet's suggestion..........don't come round too still have a bit of bargaining power and whatever you do, don't admit you didn't particularly like some of the trashed are in the best bargaining position right now.......don't waste it

Get step sister to look up replacement plants on computer for you......keeps her out of the garden at least  and she'll maybe get an idea how much pocket money she needs to spend

Most of all, don't worry

Scott Edwards

When I became the vicar of my last church a church warden declared her intention to cut down a beautiful established magnolia from the front garden of the vicarage. I told her that it would happen over my dead body. I'm glad to say that it still looks glorious in the spring. I would ask your step dad and step sister not to do anything in the garden without talking to you beforehand. I feel for you, get them to buy you some replacements and start again. It won't take long before its looking good again. 

Nothing I can really say but so sorry for you Ryan.  I know how  I feel if just one plant is damaged.  

I think setbacks can make a person stronger........    But, don't kill anyone just yet!

Victoria Sponge

I'm sure she feels bad though doesn't she Ryan?

I've noticed some non gardeners think chopping things down is like tidying up and she probably thought she would be doing you a favour, not recognising them as plants.

I've little doubt that if I should be incapacitated in some way, my garden would be strimmed to the ground by well meaning friends and relatives.

Use your considerable skills to salvage what is left!


Sad Ryan, but on the good side, rosebay willow herb is absolutely lethal to fuchsias, so she did do you a favour there. 

(If she dug up the roots not just took the visible weeds up).

Ryan - invest in some plant labels and label everything! No excuse that way.


Look, this is a fresh start, an oppotuinty too redesign and to go SHOPPING

Beckie, you're a girl after my own heart! Ryan, anything you really want and didn't have? Get a list drawn up, philippa's right, make the most of this opportunity!

Come on tell us what you have planned, apparently we are all plant pervs!

My goodness that would have really upset me too Ryan. As has been said already,I should imagine this is not just upsetting for you but probably for your step sister too. Perhaps for future reference,make it quite clear to the family that they don't do anything to the garden unless you are present.

. I really feel for your Ryan. Make your parents buy you some new replacement plants.