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Paul Anderson

Hi, have been trying to find the name of the cherry, I think its a cherry tree, definitely a prunus with the beautiful reddish bark. If anyone can help me with a name that would be great. Thank you



Scott Edwards

The Prunes Serrula (Tibetan cherry) has such beautiful glossy red-brown bark Performs best in a sunny position with a degree of shelter. Will grow up to a height of about 26ft (8m). Pruning should be limited to removal of dead or diseased wood which should be carried out in mid-summer.

P. maackii is another stunner with glossy golden bark with a pattern of horizontal lenticels.

Scott Edwards

Last email should read 'Prunus Serrula' rather than 'Prunes Serrula. My computer is not a gardener and annoyingly changes what I've written to what it thinks it should say. It's normally wrong and makes me look an idiot in the process!

Paul Anderson

Thanks Edd, KEF and Scott, yes Prunus Serrula, perfect thats the one, sorry for my late response

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