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I miss it so much, do you know when it is due back on again? Thanks

I was thinking the same as you moolala today whilst I was in the garden.i don't know when tho
hollie hock

Not sure but maybe March/April

moolala wrote (see)

I miss it so much, do you know when it is due back on again? Thanks

Have done a bit of "digging "- from Monty's twitter feed -Friday March 8th-what is that- 9 weeks this Friday?

Have you caught 'The A-Z of tv gardening ' which was on BBC2 today - fab !

Old excerpts of garden programmes linked by Carol Kirkman (BBC weather lady).


Looks like it will be saving my sanity.


Good digging sotongeoff. Well I will be counting down the Fridays yippee.oh yes frogman I've just watched that on I player it was really good.

NO!!! Sorry can't talk now got a date with BBC iPlayer and the A-Z of TV gardening............thank you all so much. I will be counting down the weeks until the lovely Monty is back on our tv!!

Hi all, I've just finished watching the A-Z of TV gardening and it was great, highly reccomend it!! Thank you Frogman!! 

.....but carol Kleine has prog this Friday. Well, it's something I guess.
Oakley Witch
Urgh the 9th of March??? Feels like a lifetime away lol. My recording is set for friday. BBC2 @ 8:30. 4 part series. That leaves 5 weeks to find another one.

I watched Carol Klein Life in a Cottage Garden before enjoyed it so will watch it again.

Gardeners World does feel like a long time away, but will be watching the A to Z of gardening programmes - 25 weeks thats good- I like the first one, that is the right time to put gardening show on TV as GW not on yet but I guess they can't show much in winter as not much they want to do outside.



Really enjoyed A-Z of gardening. How to do it and when its done what to aspire to. And a plus not much Monty

I liked Toby Buckland presenting GW at Greenacre, Monty is ok but some like, some don't - I guess its the same with other GW presenters.   I watch more for the information and to see what others are doing in the garden, I am interested in gardening.

But I do like watching GW

Oakley Witch

So do I Gardengirl

Just watched A-Z, brilliant. Keel as though I have had my wee out door supply. Think that will be getting recorded too. Sat down to watch 2012 Gardeners World the other night to see that my step daughter had deleted all GW and Beechgrove  to record her Christmas stuff. Was gutted. Full of come dance this and Jersey Shore that. I was livid to say the least. Just as well that she wasn't in lol. I have to say, my fav is Carol Klein. I think shes wonderful and reminds me of my mum  Monty is good but find I want to wind him on sometimes. Still, GW is the one that I always have to watch no matter what 


But it's the only one. So if you love gardening you have to watch it and put up with its presenter.

Alan Titchmarsh love your garden is good and I do watch Beechgrove on Iplayer that is good too.

Sam that's so not fair that all your gardening programmes got record over shame.

Other gardening TV all good as well as Gardeners World TV