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Lulu The Lurcher

I've collected Delphinium and aquilegia seeds from my garden. When should I sow them in my greenhouse for planting ou in the spring?

flowering rose

the aquieglia will take in the garden now and you will find small plants everywhere as they seed very well but i do plant some in trays so asto put them where i want and to give away.Deldhiniums Iwait until spring or the weather right in the green house .


I used to sow aquilegias outside as soon as ripe, it's what they do themselves as flowering rose says. With bought seed I now sow them in a cold GH in january. They get the required chill but I don't get any germinating in autumn and have to look after  them through the winter. 1005 germination using this method this year.

I don't grow delphiniums but I have been told this works for them as well. They are Ranunculaceae and lots  of that family need a winter sow. Some need a fresh sow but I can't see that working for delphiniums

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