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I have spent several years trying to create a garden with planting that not only looks good, but also provides the right environment, (or so I thought), for our natural friends.

This year I have seen several types of bees in large numbers alongside many other different types of beneficial, and not so beneficial, insects. However, I haven't seen any ladybirds. None!

This is a creature that I actively look out for and I honestly haven't seen any at all in my garden. Last year they were around in large numbers and were very easy to spot. This year, nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

Is anybody else out there having a similar experience? Can anybody tell me what is happening?


very few indeed Andy. when I harvested the yellow rattle I tipped a few out of the seed heads but nothing compared to what we usually see. I use no killers at all though I am surround by agriculture in its most inorganic form.

I have a good showing of bumblies/solitaries but no honey bees either.

and no blue butterflies

Ironically, the day that I posted my Ladybird discussion i returned from the garden to be told that I had a ladybird on my back.

The ladybird in question was extremely pale in colouring and in no mood to hang around.

I use no chemicals in my garden and have aphids on my roses and blackfly on several plants - but no ladybirds.

Can anybody explain to me what is happening with our treasured friends?

I have only seen one. Is there something to worry about and why has it not been reported.?


I have spotted my first ladybird larva today, feasting nicely on the blackfly.  Maybe the ladybirds are as confused about the weather/season as we are.


Stacey Docherty

I must have the entire uk population of them then cause my garden is teeming with them..... 


I've seen loads!!!! All the gardens I work in now are full of them and ours not harlequins 


They obviously like us soft southerners Stacey 


I'm getting a few now but not loads


Ive seen 2 so far this year but only within the last couple of days


Exactly the same for me Matt. One came in with the washing yesterday and fortunately I saw it before  I folded or it would have been squished  

Got her outside safely though 


Plenty of ladybirds here,in fact they appeared much earlier than usual.

gardenning granny

I haven't seen any this year either, and amazingly virtually no aphids and blackfly, though |i'm usually plagued by both, and I don't use insecticides.  Is it because of all the rain we had earluier this year?

I've only seen 2 in my garden here in the East Midlands this year and very few aphids after I washed a few off my rosé in June.  It is strange that there's been no mention in the press!

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