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I have created a fantastic wild flower garden on a sunny bank , it is begining to to look a little tired and I am not sure now what to do with it . Do I leave it to fade or pull up the dead and dying off plants , please help


are they annuals or perennials?

if they're annuals let them drop their seed if you want more then pull them up.

If they're perennials let them seed then  cut them back.

hollie hock

Hello Alison, what flowers do you have in there?

They are a mixed lot , popiies cornflowers daisies and many more

hollie hock

I know that cornflowers are annuals so they flower and die in one season, you could let the seeds dry and store them for next year. I always get a few cornflowers that pop up in unexpected places so they do self seed. I'm still deadheading my cornflowers, just squeezing the last of the flowers off them.

Some poppies are annuals and some are perennials as are daisies.

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