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How many other people received damage to there greenhouse last night after the horrendous winds? 

I had 6 full sheet toughened glass blown out, 3 smashed. managed to get some horticultural glass to fill in. Added  loads loads more clips, full tube of silicone ready for the next storm .  

I have only had the greenhouse 6 weeks and its already getting ruined 

I live in Rossendale - Lancashire 


That is really rough news Perki.

Hope what's left survives tomorrows storms.


Perki, I am so sorry; I know I would be soooo upset if the same happened to my greenhouse.

Sorry to hear about your GH. The winds are back tomorrow in our part of the world Perki but the gusts won't be as strong.


That toughened glass don't half flex in and out very scary at times. I was outside for ages trying to rescue it, at one point trying to fill the gap the glass vacated . I just come inside after awhile knowing there was nothing i could do  . so it was a very late 4am bedtime and a crack of dawn start fixing. I suppose i could of been worse, i just seen a greenhouse on the news all mangled let alone all them homes flooded down south. 



Lost a piece of glass from the roof of my hexagonal greenhouse after Christmas. Fixed luckily immediately and on a wind free day. Mine has concrete and metal supports deep in the ground so very stable but it's worth a regular check for loose or broken glass.


I have a polycarbonate GH and it was fine up until last night. 
4 of the panes blew out, 2 one side 1 on the opposite and the one next to the door so it is a sorry state atm.
I have covered the GH with some plastic sheeting but I don't know how long that will hold. We'l have to take the whole thing apart too to re-fit the panes which won't get sorted for a week or so, devastating. 


Sorry to hear that folks   Hope the next storm isn't so bad. 

5 glass panes smashed, and the door has blown off smashing the glass in that aswell. I really think I need to move it because its in quite an exposed area but im not sure how easy that would be.


Oh dear that sounds awful!

After reading the above, I feel I was very lucky, 2 greenhouses side by side, one door blown out completely, 2 large panes of glass broken, 3rd unscathed!  They are in a slightly exposed site, so we put a wooden rail fence nearby made up of 5 rails high and put trellis against it, it seems to defuse the wind a bit.  

I decided to take down all the poly carbonate sheeting from the Greenhouse once the recent storms ripped of the door and some of the sheeting. A good number of the sheets are damaged - cracked and frayed edges. Should I convert the Aluminium framed greenhouse to a poly tunnel? Any good websites that could help me do this if it is the right thing to do. 


 This is how my greenhouse ended up last week. When the insurance pays up, I'm going with another polytunnel. I'm fed up picking up broken glass.


Oh no hostafan  lets hope insurance pays up and doesnt drag there feet, growing season just around the corner. 

Boleybeg - polycarbonate sheet are notorious for being blown out in high winds


Oh god. I feel so bad for you all. Especially Hostafan. I went away for xmas first time in yrs. From East ayrshire  (about 6 miles inland ) and my garden is very exposed and windy. (Good in the respect of midgies!). My Gh was second and from a friend, and my dream. It's first full yr. I went backto NW England and there were really bad gales so I was panicking as I was overwintering 20 odd experimental twisted stem fuchsias that took lots of research and work. I wanted to call my neighbour, but then thought, 'well, what could I do, plants dead, enjoy xmas then worry.' We often get terrible weather. When I got home, fences where down everywhere and a cottage 300 yrds  windward had it,s whole roof removed on xmas day. They are still repairing as weather has been too bad for roofers to be safe. The family are living under tarpaulins (albeit specialist ones).

My greenhouse was still up, with one pane split but still there, but the door had blown open. No plant loss. It is bolted to old sleepers and is mostly old horticultural glass, with the back in twin wall poly. My neighbour warned me about the wind as he had lost two gh years ago, so I used silicone to within an inch of its life! It got  only one cracked pane, which is still in place. However, I believe that the weather patterns have changed dramatically, even since I moved here 8 yrs ago. We still have lots of rain nd wind, but whilst it used to be more extreme here 20 yrs ago, it has altered significantly. I have had a tan, planted out and sown seeds in early march for the last 3 yrs. 2012 was wet after that, but 2013 was just declared the best summer for the whole of the country. My partner came to visit this wk, and justcescapedvthe storm warnings in NWEngland, to come to our usual wet, windy climate, and that really showed up the difference. Although fences have come down, they were old and rotten. Old ghsare still undamaged or only slightly, but 'gentler' parts of the country have been hit harder than the Highlands and Islands that usually get hit worst. And it is getting worse. How can the weather be so much worse down south? In Scotland, few people have  ever lost theirlivelihoods due to weather, but many have lost houses, and work down south this yr. Whole farms. What is happening? It is really scary. I feel for all of you, and others, and pray that this abnormal weather will cease soon. Apparently, the most rainfall in 6 mths than previously recorded for a whole yr, in 250 yrs. Rain rain, go away. Come again another day.


Can I convert the frame to a poly tunnel or do I replace poly carbonate sheets? 


Boleybeg - I am no expert but i cant see why you couldnt convert the frame into a poly tunnel.  You might have problems with sharp edges on the frame though. There a few poly tunnels on ebay £50 up, with the cost of polyfine alone and all the hassle of fitting it might be worth to get a cheap poly tunnel. 

Poly carbonate GH does have very good insulation, but expensive to buy and various other disadvantages against glass. I suppose it all depends on your budget. You can get 8x6 glass GH cheap in local adds, On ebay they range from £80 - £120 pending on size. 


Will your insurance company pay out for a greenhouse?  Most are not covered.

Hi all,

A friend of mine bought a plastic greenhouse from B&Q late last year as we live in the north east we expected bad weather over the winter.(winds,rain even snow)it passed every test no damage whatsoever, not cheap for plastic model  but It well worth It






My B&q plastic one lasted all of last year with no damage but this year it broke at the base and blew away. I have repaired it but given the wind speed and the fact one of my hanging baskets pulled the bracket out of the wall the wind was that strong I don't think its too bad. I did however loose all of my sweetpeas.