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Hi everyone, my husband made me a greenhouse which has a brick wall and three glass walls. I just wanted to ask if i can grow carrots and spinach in it through the winter without using extra heating. Any input would be gratefully received
The short answer is yes loony, but they may stop if it gets very cold
Orchid Lady

I know you can grow potatoes in bags in the GH as I have just got mine, hopefully they will be ready for Christmas 

Also salad, as pointed out, again I will be growing that.  This is my first full winter with the GH so I will be interested to see what I can grow, it's exciting 

Great! Thank you everyone, i can't wait to start!


Steve 309

If it looks like getting really cold you can partition off some of it with bubblewrap to keep it a bit warmer.

If you have peppers (sweet or chilli), I've heard it said (probably here) that they're perennial and as long as you can keep the frost off them they'll survive the winter...

Ok Thanks Steve, I've got some bubble wrap saved
I have kept chillies in the house over winter, it wasnt happy, but survived and really bounced back come spring. Should work better in a GH, as long as you can keep the temp up
Yes Bekkie i have 2 really great chilli plants, between them they've given me hundreds of chillies, i was thinking if bringing them in the house this winter.... If i insulate my greenhouse really well but don't heat it, will i be able to grow anything in it?
If its a mild winter lots of things will still grow, root crops are happy without too much heat, salads, even some brassicas can be started now and kept somewhere sheltered for panting out next year, you get huge cabbages by doing this
You may be pushing your luck with very tender things like chillies, but i would still leave them in the greenhouse as long as poss, mine got attacked by all sorts when they were in the house, light is as important as heat in the winter, its useful to ut something reflective behind fussy plants in the winter, a bit of foil over some card will do
Thank you Bekkie, for the foil and cardboard idea
Ok Thanks Steve, I've got some bubble wrap saved

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