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Muvs Dashwood

If you could write one single chapter of a gardening book what would it be on? I admit I saw this on an american site and thought it would be interesting question. Personally my chapter would be on perfume in the garden. It is always my top priority when choosing plants. 


for me it would be the wonder of wildflower plants so many to choose from each one so different fron the next and there ability to self seed in just the right places,wonderfull

For me, associating plants
The potty gardener

Bee and Butterfly friendly plants- not that I actually know much so would have to do loads of research


Successional planting so there's year round interest.


How to make, and ideas for, fun, elegant or down right bonkers succulent sculptures.
Caz W

Great idea Tilley

Thank you And mine even lasted over winter without me bringing them in. joys of a south facing garden!

what would your chapter be on Caz?
Caz W

I am a big fan of sedum and sempervivum so my chapter would be about plants that are easy to propagate and/or plants that slugs seem to leave alone


I'll do the one on hardy plants from seed. 

Gardening Grandma

Vertical gardening - climbers, supports, hanging baskets, upside-down gardening, seasonal planting, creating privacy, arbour seats, creating vistas, etc,etc.

Bunny ...
Think I could do weeds at the moment ...
Caz W

Bunny's chapter - Nettles & Flamethrowers


Bunny ...
Haaaaaaa .... Flame thrower work tomorrow too.. Perils of a farmers field behind garden, nice views , many weeds ..

Watch out ..bunnyyyyys about ..
I'd do a chapter on procrastination, but I'm not sure I'd find the time.

Wildlife, especially ponds. Not that I'm terribly knowledgeable - yet