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In our last house we found one of those Robertsons golly models (yes, it was the guitarist!) under the floorboards in the bedroom.  Wierd or what... 


My oh's Uncle Bills middle name was Marcel. As in the Marcel wave hairstyle. Where did they get that handle from ? 

Iv had a good chuckle at your posts today particularly the oh so sophisticated Vesta Meals. Don't misunderstand my Morher didn't condone such rubbish in here kitchen it was me thinking it was the way to go at the time. My mother wouldn't even have mint sauce or garden peas in the house when I was growing up. She was Irish though (before anyone starts I was also born in Ireland so it doesn't count ). 

Today though I wouldn't give my Grandkids chicken nuggets, cheap burgers ,turkey twizzelers or the like......what IS is that stuff ? It sure ain't food as we know it Jim !

Re Golly Badges. I still have one somewhere, probably with my Poppet Beads  Remember them. No !  Not unless you are a certain age then.  Ask your Grannies. 

LIRI.  Yea weird but funny  Why I ask myself ? 


In the house before last, we found a teaspoon behind some very old wooden panelling.  And in our present house there was a glass swan, poked through a hole in the plasterboard round a window...  do you think it's something to do with US???

And yes Runnybeak, I too remember Poppet beads... 


Poppet beads.... did you know that if you let your younger (prob aged about 2 yrs) brother play with them they can go ever so far up a little boy's nose (or was it down an ear)? Either way it involved a trip to casualty and a telling off for me 


LIRI.  I have to say that it probably is you  If your a bit weird like me 

TOPBIRD. My youngest son swallowed the metal part of a kids mouthorgan. At A&E they said it was nothing to worry about as the acid in his stomach would soon corrode it away. Honestly!   You might ask why wasn't I watching him ? Well I was cooking tea and he was behind the sofa when his siblings started shouting about what he'd done. He's still doing daft thing s now and he's 34. Follows after me........

Afterthought. Did anyone else have Pears from a tin, evaporated milk and white bread and butter after your Sunday tea ? We did. What was all that about ? 


Yes we did Runnybeak - and my father in law still has that now - I have to remember to buy a tin of Carnation whenever they come to stay as he prefers it to cream and ice-cream!

My mum used to make a dessert she called Wotsit. Whip up a tin of evaporated milk till it goes thick and foamy (mousse like) and then stir through about half a fruit jelly (you know - the cubes in a block sort) melted in as little boiling water as you can get away with and leave to set.

I used to think that was really scrummy - especially raspberry or tangerine flavour. 

What was the name of the fake cream you got in a packet and made up? We used to have that on top because we were posh 

Eeeeh lad - those E numbers never did me any harm.....

By heck, I think it might have been Angel Delight tha knows. 

What about a Birds Trifle this bank hol ? I used to like them.  Full of additives I know now. I'd still get stuck in though.  Cos I'm an Oinker.


No, no Runnybeak - just remembered (wish there was a light bulb smiley)  - it was DREAM TOPPING - came in a blue packet I do believe.

Angel Delight was a bit like instant Wotsit.

We had that too... 



Just Googled it - you can still buy Dream Topping (and from Waitrose too.. they should be ashamed LOL)

Birds Trifle - yum 




The whipped carnation milk with a jelly in it - we called it foam and we had it on top of a regular jelly - jelly and foam. I still make it now occasionally.


Oh my Lor. Yes it was Dream Topping I actually have some in my cupboard. I must have had them since the C word last year. I love it.  A sandwich made with Ye Olde Oak Ham, pears n cream or a bowl of trifle with extra Dream Topping of course. Oink ! Sophisticated or what . Memories hey !


I used to collect the cards from Brooke Bond teaand stick them in albums and the stamps on the front of the packet. 60 stamps on a card and you got 5 shillings for it!

I am not that old (ok, 61) I lived when I was little in a house with no electric. Bath was a tin bath in front of the range in the living room. Toilet was inside but the washhouse was outside with a big boiler and an iron mangle, glass washboard. Lighting was by Tilly lamp (paraffin).


Yes Hogweed. We love Jelly here. only one of my g.children likes jelly and I have to make a black currant one when she comes. She's 16. Something wrong with you if you don't like jelly . Top tip. When you make jelly instead of topping it up with water , buy a really and I mean really cheap lemonade and top up,with that instead. Mine was 17p from Morrisons.  It gives it a little zing. Very nice. You wouldn't think I'm well on my way to being ooooohhhh I've forgotten years old. 


Do you want to come for virtual tea Runnybeak? Hogweed can come too and bring foam / wotsit.

You can make a trifle and I'll provide the Vesta curry. Bekkie could bring some Blue Nun. Busy Lizzie could bring some Mateus Rose and we'll serve it all on / in garage plates and glasses.

Now who else wants to come? - we need some cheese & pineapple on sticks, some stuffed eggs, Ritz crackers with toppings and anything else you can think of. 


Oh Hogweed. Must have overlapped while posting about Jelly. Yes all those things are so,familiar to me. 2 up 2 down. Ice inside y windows. Toilet down the yard. Swan necks (gas lights) on the wall. Paraffin heaters on the landing. (Death traps) coal in the cellar. Milk in bucket of cold water on same steps in the summer to keep,cool. 

Then it all,went pear shaped: parents bought a vinyl 3 piece, plastic tablecloths, kitchen cabinet (with drop down) part. 2 bar electric fire. Oh yes those were the days. Excuse me while I rustle up tea. Yes, we're having Ye Old Oake Ham sarnies pears.......need I go on.  Bon apetite   I'm young at heart really and no they weren't the good,old days were they.

TOPBIRD. I'd love to come to tea. Can I join you in a little while I'm just eating my real one. What a lovely idea. See you a while. 


Off to do my own tea now - not Vesta