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 Flora rosa

Agree with most on here, happening more and more often, especially putting my - now what's they called - down ! Upstairs, back down, stretch back, go to do something else instead, eer oh yes there are my secatures . Best was my poor old dad (and I'm now the same, ) he couldn't throw any keys away, so when he passed away, we found a multitude of unlabelled keys, we ended up having to change all mothers locks cos had no idea which key fit which lock - bless 


Woke up at 3am today thinking "Macleaya!  Why couldn't I remember its name when writing on the thread about invasive plants?"  I tend to remember the useful thing in the end, but not until it's no longer of any use...

My dad reckoned the sign of a good holiday was that when he went back to work, he'd have forgotten the combination of the safe lock... 

Remembered yesterday to get some meat out of the freezer, forgot to do it. With the menu for tonight's meal in my head went to the fridge no meat. Hurried change of menu, we are now having panacklety. No one will know it was not planned that way bar me of course "whistle" song I must remember this.


Went to the post office to post seeds to forum members- forgot seeds! Brought stamps in the end, felt like a right div!

  I've given this a lot of thought and conclude that it is  modern living, bekkie. Why? because reading this thread and  the related tales see that it spans a very wide age range (-27 years and on).

We're all expected to do too much, if we just slowed down a little and not let others dictate what we should  be doing there would be less pressure/stress/muddle/ forgetfulness, more focus on what is important to one as an individual.



Flora - my Dad was the same with keys. There were tons of them.  It was like getting in to Fort Knox trying to get in his house too 

I dont know if thats reassuring or not Bizzieb! , life just gets faster, im gonna be eben more of a wally in a few years then!
Shrinking Violet

OMG - this thread had made me laugh out loud!  I identify with so many of the posts!

There was a time when I would raise my eyes to the heavens in desperation at mother who had "lost" something (usually the glasses that had been pushed up on to her head) and think that she was really going downhill.

These days, I raise my eyes to the heavens and say "sorry, mum" because I now understand the condition!


Anyone else struggle to get carrier bags open or pick up 5p's? I used to relentlessly tease my mom for that! Karma eh?
 Flora rosa

Yes Fairygirl, love your name and picture by the way, before he died, he put 3 yes 3 different locks on the front door ! My mum was at my sisters one day and I had to drop something off at her house, left and locked all three locks up, set off to manchester airport and when landed at the other side I had numerous missed calls, mum was locked out as she was only using one lock !  Oops . 



My son once came to see me at work to lend a tenner - told he was waiting for me then promptly forgot about him until i walked past him an hour and half later _ i was not popular!

find myself talking out loud when at work along the lines of "19,01 F2 press F3" when undertaking customer requests on computer!

Frantic search for all the passports this year when I had put them in a "safe place".

the list could go on but I,ve forgotten what I was going to put on it! Doh!



star gaze lily


I have a 'safe place' safe I've forgotten where it is.....


A few years ago I made a casserole.................I also made some gravy 

SGLilly.............the "safe place" scenario rings a distinct bell.

I constantly find myself muttering "For heaven's sake woman, you don't live in a huge mansion - just how many safe places can you have ?" 


 Flora rosa

Haha, safe place ..... Look yes, been there,  I know where the safe place is.  What I do is take it from the safe place, to leave it in a convenient place, the night before.  Anybody been there???

Advertisement place to convenient place

Theory sounds good........but does it work ??  If so, I might give that one a try

I often leave things in the microwave and find them the next day, usually the veg to go with a meal!
Thats if im not telling the microwave off for beeping at me!

Safe places...don't get me started....

Flora - my Dad had those internal locks - the kind that stops anyone getting out of a room into the rest of the house. He had them on the front door as well, so even if you had a key to unlock the door,  you were still standing on the doorstep!  

Phillippa,  don't attempt this strategy!!    Can't you see the inevitable outcome.?  Pure panic when you are going out the door with not a minute to spare.