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Yes, that's familiar. Sounds like every dog I've had when they get old.


I had a senior moment yesterday, I posted pics of Gerbera and decided to call them Gazania

Orchid Lady

It's ok KEF, I didn't even notice 

We may go on about our "moments", but despite that we all seem to get a huge amount done in the day, never mind the blips


This thread has helped me a lot ,I know now I am not on my own and I agree with bekkie

But listening to this interview on YouTube has clinched it for me, at the moment I know I'm at the lower end of the scale .


listening to Justin from one of my all time well respected bands The Moody Blues ....

Quote: friends are of the opinion that I am taking up walking as I'm getting older  ,what they don't know I go for lots of long walks , it's not the exercise,

I'm forgetting where I live!     

MOREL OF THIS NEWS IS : it don't matter what WALK  of life you take or who you are- A   Senior Moment

" it comes to us all "     


It sure does  grandma.....

Off to listen to some Moody Blues now - I haven't played anything by them in a long time - will be transported back to floaty cheesecloth dresses and platform shoes. Might even have to find a Vesta curry to eat (do they still make those.....?) 


Yes they do, Topbird...  All those little cubes of "meat" seemed to taste the same, whatever they called themselves.    Probably the monosodium glutamate or something.  Do you remember the ones with crispy noodles?  Magic! 


Actually I think Paella was my favourite - with bits of dried prawn that had the texture of a pencil rubber and tasted of ............ nothing!

Might have to buy one to see just how grim they were.

I used to think I was soooo sophisticated eating such things - especially if I had Angel Delight (butterscotch flavour) for dessert 

Wow Topbird   those were the days my friend ,we thought that they would never end.     ..................



...we'd sing and dance forever and a day....  


TOPBIRD. Yes they do still sell Vesta Curry's in box   I saw some the other day in a Bargain / pound shop. £1. I used to love the Chow Mein with crispy noodles. Remember how the noodles used to curl up immediately on coming into contact with the hot oil.  Very sophisticated......not. 


Sorry everyone. As usual I had t read All the previous posts about Vesta Meals. Feel right daft now. 

RunnyBeak............surely they can't still be selling those dreadful  Vesta curries  can they?  And the Chow Mein ?  Makes me cringe when I think that I used to actually BUY that stuff, let alone eat it....but I did




It was new......'   and dare I say it but if you hadn't had a vesta you hadn't lived !

I remember I saved the packet tops , they were giving free banana plants at one bit and so saving the tops a MUST!

Thing is I was sick of them by the time my plant arrived and was  giving them away ' yes those were the days !

Oh dear - this has been a real senior moment - but one that's lasted all day reliving all this exotica!!
Good fun though - i'm off to the Poundshop tomorrow to see what I can find in the food aisle ....

CGMFixit............I don't remember the Banana plants   Must have been buying the wrong packet..

In reality I don't suppose the Vesta meals could have been that bad ( well, discount the taste ) as it would seem that most of us are still alive and kicking enough to actually remember them

Have any of you still got glasses collected with petrol coupons? I've got a soup mug I still use regularly & have only just replaced my Green Shield Stamps food mixer....
My mom had a cake stand and little dessert plate thingys from esso! It was our bestest set, only used at crimbo!