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Well done dove, Its great to hear of someone having some good fortune, enjoy the book, I've always liked Mr T 's presenting style on his gardening programmes but must admit to having not read his books, off to library methinks for some holiday reading. 


I'm not so keen on his presenting style myself, but there's no doubting his understanding of his subject etc. and I read the article in Gardener's World Mag about his 'new' garden with great interest.  There was quite a bit I thought I'd like to read more about, so I'll be very pleased indeed to receive the book 

Caz W

That's great Dove  - gives us all a bit of hope too!


Brill! I am so pleased you have a prize.



You are all so kind 

 Thank you xx

Pennine Petal
Hurray, good for you Dove. Have entered yet today, will do so now.
flowering rose

Ah well my lucks run out,have to try next year.

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