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Evening all,each evening we have a relaxing  walk around the garden to decide what needs doing and when sort of thing ,bottle in one hand crutch in the other, but last night we found swarms of flying ants far too many for comfort ,Kate found a huge pile of them starting a nest that wasn't there in the day,so of she went for her kettle of hot water,now normally ants don't bother me but right outside the open greenhouse door was the biggest collection of ants ever and masses flying into the greenhouse,i managed to get in and get the ready to use Jeyes Fluid, i sprayed across the door and the ground and got out of the masses spraying as i hopped along, my point is this ,i know normally ants dont do much damage but last night was too much, and this , on the ground the ants were already dead ,the spray killed them almost instantly, there were thousands dead and the air was clear of them, iv put this up in case anyone is frightened by them like Kate who really is, small amounts dont bother me but swarms of them no thanks,i realise not everyone wants them gone but for those that do maybe this is a help.


That was a waste of time  Alan. They all fly at once and then it's all over


I was just thinking this morning that I hadn't seen any this year so far.  

Yes Nut they do fly off and fairly quickly too - more food for birds and bats.

Raining heavily here so won't see any for a day or two.


The big flying ants are just going to fly up into the air on the rising warm thermals, then the'll mate on the wing with the queens, and those that don't get eaten by the flocks of  birds that fly up there with them, will drop to the ground and die - their job has been done.  The queens will drop to the ground further away and crawl off to start a new nest.

The ants you saw wouldn't have been starting a new nest - they would have been emerging from one that had been there unseen for some time.

If they get into the greenhouse it's because they've been nesting underneath it somewhere and are trying to fly up into the sky - just open vents and doors and leave them to it.  They'll all be gone by next day.

I'm sorry that Kate is upset by them - far best for her to keep away and then they'll not bother her and the ants will disappear. 


I think for people that are afraid of ants, or any other harmless creature, learning more  about them can be a great help



I'm sure you're absolutely right Nut 


we had a swarm of them round one container ,this was a1st and i emptied the compost and the dwarf conifer out,we put it down to the heatwav


It's the hot weather they need in order to fly high on the warm currents of air. 

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