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sue taylor3

Thanks eddie j and wintersong ,yes it is annoying but hey i will sort it ,am having a week off then i will be fighting fit and ready to tackle my garden .watch out weeds and annoying neighbour !!!!!!!!!!!  i will put some pics on when i return


Here was my garden in 2001 when I moved in


I had trouble finding another photo taken from the same angle, but here it was in June 2010

A bit scruffy but I love it.  Those three pots of house leeks are not just sitting randomly on the lawn - they disguise the drain cover!


Evening All.

Hope everyone is well. 

Have been thinking of you Jo.  Nice to have you back.

Great transformations everyone.  Aren't us Gardeners a hard working bunch!

Heavy rain and grey skies all day yesterday and again today.  Ditches still full and having to to be channelled away via a gravel bed.  The lawn is a complete bog.  One of the old dead trees keeled over in the wind.  We managed to cut it down without incident, so lots of free wood for the woodburner.  I wish this weather would stop now.  I've got so much to do outside.

Managed to go out for a lovely lunch today, at a posh pub in Loxwood.  A real treat.

Took a leaf out of Geoff's ticket buying book.  Any regular Radio 4 Listeners, may have heard, in the 6.30pm comedy slot, 'Mark Steel's in Town'.  Very funny, and all about your local area.  He's coming to Cranleigh in May. Should be funny and interesting.


Eddie J

That's now an impressive size border to the left of the pathway.


Kate & Geoff.   Remember the bare root strawberries I planted on 3rd April?  Well look at them now.  They would have grown more quickly but it was really cold just after they went in.




Super pics from Koalagirl!

I love to see photos so much, so excited for the coming months to see what everyone is most proud of!


KG I cannot believe that they have made that much progress considering theweather.

Yvie sounds like you have had one of those days, it is just so wet.But lunch sounded nice.


KG, love the photos-that is a wonderful border, and now just the right amount of lawn, if you need to have one! Yvieh, the strawbs look fab--very similar to mine, which I potted up just before you--not bare root, though. And I am thousands of miles away.

Didn't do a lot today except finish up the tomato bed and move things out of the greenhouse.

Eddie, I realise what an enormous amount of work it is to clean up after having large trees like that removed. I am still working on my west garden, except it is not accessible to equipment--too steep. Guess I should do some "Before" photos, although it's a bit late.

Yvieh-volunteer firewood is a GOOD thing!


Morning All,

Hope everyone is well.

Inka, I'm afraid I didn't plant those bare root strawberries.  They're Koala's, but now that you've said they're mine, I guess She'll just have to bring over the produce.  We're very close to the Sussex border.  It won't take her long

Very bright and sunny here, so was out gardening from 7.30am - 10am.  Work be damned!  Earthed up the spuds, deadheaded, moved a few things from the greenhouse to the etegerre's, ditched some dead stuff, and moved some things around inside the greenhouse.  Also put copper tape on the outside of the raised bed table, where my salads are coming on a treat.  Not letting Messers Slug & Snail get them



I am really enjoying seeing all the befores and afters

Lovely photos Wintersong and your Strawberry plants look great KG

I have made up 2 cone baskets this morning  and a trough  Can't do any more until Barry moves some more compost down to the greenhouse for me  He has gone to the allotment this morning .

Pam x


Hello all, just letting you know I have survived the weekend although I spent most of it in my wellies and waterproofs. I'm pleased to say I can confirm my tent doesn't leak, and withstood the conditions really well. A bit of a puddle in the porch section but otherwise it was fine. The same can't be said for the tent that was next to mine when I went to bed on Saturday night and was found at the bottom of the field the next morning! Luckily its occupant wasn't in it!

Fabulous pictures of people's gardens - my garden looks like the 'before' pictures so I won't be posting any on here!

Pam, glad to hear Barry has gone to the allotment today. The weather doesn't look promising for tomorrow!


Forgot to say, some sad news about the robins nest. Because it was in a plant pot tray which filled with water over the weekend the nest got flooded, and because I was away nobody realised what was happening. I checked it this morning and the nest was empty, and there are no signs of mr and mrs robin.


Ah, sad news about the Robin's nest Lottie.  I'm sure they've probably moved in nearby though by now.  Keep your eyes peeled.  Glad to hear you survived the camping.  You're a braver woman than me!


Lottiebeans wrote (see)

The same can't be said for the tent that was next to mine when I went to bed on Saturday night and was found at the bottom of the field the next morning! Luckily its occupant wasn't in it!

The real reason for camping?


Not this time Wintersong - the young guy whose tent it was wimped out and opted to sleep indoors that night! Us older ones are made of tougher stuff!

Yvie, I have heard robins are territorial so I'm hoping they are around somewhere.

OH remembered to feed the chickens while I was away but he said he couldn't see any eggs. Not sure where he was looking because there were 9 in the nest boxes when I got home yesterday



KG-thanks for the update-who looks after things in you absence?

Lottie you survived!!-not good news about robin

I have had a busy morning

Chicken pen dug out -most of the mud removed-have got a tarpaulin ordered to go over the whole thing to keep the rain off.

Black stuff on flat roof to stem the leak.

Dahlia tubers planted.

Bean sticks erected

Tied back some shrubs that are top heavy

Planted up 9 containers for the summer

Had lunch.


What a glorious day (sorry KG and lottie) I have also been busy.

Strimmed the edge of the lawn, potted on some plants, tied in some climbers, dug my new dahlia bed and I managed to get some bamboo tripods in to support some climbers(normally impossible here without a screwdriver).

Geoff have you planted dahlias in the garden? Is it not too early????????? When will the chickens be ready?

Lottie you are brave


You've been busy bees Geoff and Kate.

I now have 2 Dahlia tubers sprouting!  Hurrah. Didn't think anything was going to happen.  Mind you, I still have another 6 which are doing nout   Maybe I need more patience

I have been back out as it's glorious, warm sunshine here.  Even Herman is out in his run, soaking up the rays.  I have just sown:

Mixed Salads, Lolla Rossa, Rocket & Spinach.

Cosmos: Gazebo Mixed, Sensation Mixed, Double Click Snow Puff, Double Click Rose Borbon, Polidor.

Cornflower: Black Ball, Blue Midget.

Foxglove: Alba & Giant Imperial Mixed.

Larkspur Mixed.


& Kate, Euphorbia Oblongata.  I'll let you know how I get on with that one.



Yvie where are the dahlias, I cheat and bring a few indoors each week to get them going.

So many seeds, 


Kate the dahlias are planted deep with just the tops showing-if there is a frost they will resprout-could not delay-I don't know when another opportunity will arise. I like to live life on the edge

Have now sorted out tomato supports for greenhouse and moved some more plants to the cold-frame

Hands off my babies-they are having a day in the sun today

Yvie did you see Monty and the lily basket idea?