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I have a lot of what I think is aubretia (masses of lilac tiny ground cover flowers, we inherited it when we moved in so not certain of its name)

I have always just left it be, but this year it has gone mad and I will have to tidy it up.

My question is, can you/should you give the aubretia a haircut after flowering???

Also can you start cuttings from it, or do you have to buy new seed??

Yes good haircut after flowering removing all flowers. For those cascading a fair distance I trim all over but maintaining the general length.  You can cut back as hard as you like but no need to be too drastic.  Aubretia looks sorry for itself after being cut back but it is only for a short while until growth resumes.

Best from seed if you want lots of plants or buy a variety you like....there are reds, blues, even variegated varieties.  Some with large flowers others with small

Thanks for that Verdun, 

In the past the aubretia looks very bedraggled and exhausted after flowering, so a trim cannot look any worse I dont think.

I have noticed the many colours that are available and are bright and vibrant.

 I think I'll have a portion.


mine are looking awful at the moment as the snails have enjoyed munching it?, does it self seed readily? parts of mine have small seed pods on I wondered whether I should cut them back or just leave them?


hollie hock

I would say they do benefit from a good hair cut after flowering. I'm going to leave some seed heads on some to see if they self seed. I think if they like where they are they should self seed. Not much success at growing from seed, but I think it's possible to take cuttings, not tried it myself though


I think they can spread by layering themselves. If you look closely you can see what looks like a lot of small roots coming out of the stems. Try pegging them into the soil and covering them with earth.  Then protect then from the B slugs and snails, as they tend to prune to death.


Trying to take cuttings at the minute from New growth also trying to peg and layer

Mine are all gown from seed and two years on this has been their first good year. Thanks for hair cut advice, was wondering what to do.


Yes - they benefit enormously from a good prune after flowering. They'll often flower a little later on if you do that too. 

Just moved to house with a huge area covered in aubretia. It was magnificent in the Spring but now looks dreadful. As it is such a large area I was wondering what I could do to brighten it up
Don't fancy looking at such a mess for the rest of the Summer. Any suggestions?

You plant some nice rose bushes ,so after spring your have Rosie's coming out which give you colour for a long time.

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