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I find that smileys can be a helpful substitute for the tone of voice and facial expression that is missing from the communication when writing - we do not know each other (not well anyway) and can sometimes mistake a brief reply for terseness or coldness, or flippancy for sarcasm.   

I once unintentionally upset someone and would hate to do it again, so I use smilies to make my meaning clear.

It is also helpful for people whocommunicating in a language other than their first, and who may not be aware that they way they word things can appear rude - a smiley would show that was not their intention.

As for anonimity, hopefully my avatar doesn't give away too much of my identity 

Avatars just help other people recognise who's posted and give a profile a little more identity, even if not a picture of the person (or even a person at all). The smilies help as it's sometimes difficult to gage the tone of the written word.

I'd suggest a few suitable images for jon cob, but I'm afraid they might not be very polite.

Quick glance at the calendar - not 1st April 

jon cob wrote (see)

smiles don't help at all since even with them I doubt you could read my tone.

 ps if i want my tone to be understood i use words. not stupids smilies or emoticons

-but not correct punctuation ,grammar or spelling



Someone seems to distinctly lack a sense of humour, never mind, best ignored

The potty gardener

I enjoy seeing what people have chosen to use. Like others it is sometimes helpful to know roughly what part of the country people  are from.

I live in Newhaven but can not find a way to change my location from Lewes.

Miss Becks

An unemotional smiley.


Pennine Petal
Jon, each to their own, other people's approaches are not wrong, just different. Wouldn't it be a boring world, if we were all the same?

I'd add a big smiley, if I wasn't using the iPad!
chilli lover

Ahem, I will update my profile too  Love your  pic Insomnia!- a blannk canvas!

hollie hock

I use smilies only because like others it helps as the written word is open to a lot of mis communication. As for avators & profile information I think it's up to the individual whether they chose to use them or not. It doesn't make any difference to me at all.


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