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Orchid Lady

I missed the link earlier sorry David! had a look now and absolutely fantastic.  I really like the Africa ones because I love tigers and all cats really. Thanks for sharing.


Stunning, stunning, stunning Danny Green photos.


They really are beautiful photos.


Amazing wildlife pictures. Not studied them all yet, so far my fav' is the Arctic Terns Courtship feeding, you can even see the "meal". Wow. Thanks for the link David.

Lily & David pond pics








I have bookmarked the link David some fantastic shots, one or two more from Biddulph





I bet you did not want to leave. Fantastic pics.


camera class tonight after a two week break, i will have to show my homework  we had to practise taking portraits so i wont be showing them on here

im not sure if i like orchids but the snaps are good


i borrowed a small child David not a good idea to post pictures of him online 

Orchid Lady
Love the orchids David, they are my favourite house plant and I am on the look out for another and going to the GC for lunch with my friend on Sunday, I would love a yellow and pink one

Fidget, they are amazing, they would look great on the wall

Just seed heads at the side of the canal at dusk. The sun is behind the first two, the last one has flash.